Personal Narrative: The Beauty Of Markgragunt Gravity Landslides

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The beauty of the southwest knows no bound. The unique landscape is home to some of the most awe-inspiring mountains, cliffs, and valleys that I have seen in my life. My research and my adventures has a broad range that has a very subtle overlap. I will do the best to my ability to show you what I learned in my time in Utah and in the library.

I decided to go to the Markgragunt gravity slide. Without knowledge of the exact whereabouts of the location and limited resources I saw this as an opportunity and a challenge to investigate the location in search for landslide that dated back twenty million years. Once in the nearby vicinity of the gravity slide I did some visual editing to mix the map from a geological article that did research in the location and a map with roads that I can travel on.

There are some necessary terms that I had to become accustomed with. First, I had to learn what classifies as a gravity slide. The term gravity slide is referring to gravity slide tectonics. In comparison to a land slide, gravity slides compose of large slabs of the earth’s crust. In Markgragunt, the believed reason why it slid down was because the geography was mainly composed of heavy basalt that has been layered on top of sand and clay, which in due time resulted in a slip that resulted in the gravity
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The Ute Indians started this story and it wasn’t until 1915 when the myth was ever referenced in writing. The chart shows that the story relied on story telling for many generation and only recently documented. The Ute Indians have a strong link with the Paiute Indians. This is because, according to the language similarities and its subtle changes, it is assumed that these two tribes were once a single tribe less than 1000 years ago. This left me wondering about the history of the myth. Is the myth less than 1000 years or has it been in existence before the Utes made it into the

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