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  • Personal Narrative: My Letter To Utah State University

    days after Christmas. I lost her. She was ninety-eight years old. When she passed away a part of me broke; I cried for days. I wouldn’t eat; I couldn’t sleep. My family thought I was having a nervous breakdown and honestly I was. I had lost the person I turned to when I felt I had nowhere else to go, when I was scared and lost and confused. Losing her made me more scared, lost, and confused than I had ever been before. She was my closest friend and the one person I knew would be there for me no matter what. I came to Utah State University to feel closer to her; I did not know what else to do. I knew this is where she found herself and I latched on to that fact. I chose to live in Valley View Towers because they have the shortest walk to Logan Cemetery where my great-grandmother is buried. I go to her grave once a week and talk to her just like I did when I called. I tell her about everything that is going on. Sometimes it is trivial: “I got a good grade on this exam,” other times it is far more substantial: “I don’t know if I can handle this week.” She was my rock and without her I am on the sand hoping the tide doesn’t come in and wash me out to sea. That is how I felt when I finished high school, even when I started college; it is only now beginning to change. During the fall of this year I rushed to join a sorority; my great-grandmother was a Kappa Delta here at Utah State University in the forty’s. All the tales of what her and her sorority sisters used to get up to…

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  • Hypothetical Case Conceptualization Examples

    Case conceptualization, (the following presents a hypothetical case conceptualization) Jack is a truck driver that has recently gotten out of the hospital. He was in the hospital because he found himself the victim of a mugging while he was parked at a truck stop, somewhere north of the United States border. The assailant did not come out of nowhere, rather he walked up to Jack and seemed friendly enough. The aggressor began by asking for directions. Nothing really seemed out of the ordinary for…

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  • May Swenson's Poetry

    In the poem, Out of the Sea, Early by May Swenson, the subject is the love of nature. The speaker tells a story about how beautiful the sun rise is by comparing it to things that have never been imagined before. The speaker however, is a more complex character with different outlooks on the ocean. The way the speaker delivers his tone is through a calm voice, representing the ocean that he or she is conversing about. Based upon the word choice, we can infer that the speaker is a sailor that…

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  • Logan Heroism

    “Set in 2029, “Logan” is the closest thing to a valedictory the Marvel universe has yet concocted.”1 ”Unlike any of its predecessors, Logan feels organic and, despite being loaded with plenty of references and Easter eggs, manages to work well as a standalone film.” 2“James Mangold’s Logan is a grizzly and exceptionally dark character-driven tale; one that is unlike any other comic book-inspired story you would have come across before.”² “When the newer superhero films go for sincerity, they…

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  • Eleanor Logan Monologue

    'Act normal, act normal,' being the only thought running through Eleanor’s head as she heads downstairs. The conversation with Logan had put her on edge and now she can’t get the thought of it out of her head. The world could be ours, Eleanor. The new thoughts that Logan has risen to the surface of her mind makes her hands shake constantly and subconsciously. The endless possibilities, and the only thing that she has to do is leave this place. But leaving means…

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  • October Logan Monologue

    Well, here goes nothing. Saturday Logan texts me wants to hang out. We do. He looks in the glove box in my car, I don't know why probably for napkins or something. He finds a paper that I forgot about. It's the paper I got from my doctor diagnosing me with major depression disorder and adjustment disorder with depressed mood. Great, now Logan knows. At this point I think the only person I told about my depression was you, and I only briefly mentioned it in a text once. The rest of the day goes…

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  • Compare And Contrast Logan Lement

    In conclusion, Chief Logan and Chief Red Eagle both gain rage and abandonment from the untrusted white man. These stories have some things in common and some things that are different. In “Logan Lement,” Colonel Cresap, last spring cold and unprovoked murdered the relatives of Logan, not even sparing his wife and children. In “Logan Lement” Logan’s family is deceased, and he feels betrayed by the white man who is supposedly his friend. A wise man once said, “only the dead have seen the end…

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  • Linda Logan Depression

    On April 26, 2013, the New York Times published an article written by an a woman named Lindas Logan. Logan, divorced and mother of three, decided to bring us along on a journey. The journey consisted of what she went through during her worst depression stage and how she was treated. She identified that she doesn’t really know when her bipolar depression started to kick in. It got bad to a point where she was distancing herself from her family and her kids. She checked herself into multiple…

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  • Cassie Logan Quotes

    The Courageous Acts of Cassie Logan When someone stands up to others for being unfair, that is courage. Throughout the story, Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry Mildred Taylor uses Cassie Logan as an example of a young girl that must stand up for her convictions even when people are against her and her family. Cassie shows courage when she faces her rival Lillian Jean Simms, helped T.J. after what he did to her family. Cassie’s actions showed that she was a sassy, outspoken girl who loved her…

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  • The Matewan Massacre

    reverend John Wilburn declared. The miners’ route to Mingo required them to pass through Logan County, a coal company stronghold ruled by an anti-union sheriff named Don Chafin. Upon learning of the march, Chafin scraped together a 3,000-strong army of state police, deputies and citizen militiamen and prepared for a fight. “No armed mob will cross the Logan County line,” he proclaimed. Chafin and his supporters had soon constructed a network of machine gun nests and trenches around Blair…

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