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  • Bachelorette: User Experience Design

    I am Victoria Bowie and I am on my way to accomplishing a bachelorette in User Experience Design at Lesley University. From a tender age, I have always been fascinated with technology and my mind would fill up with thoughts on how I could help society for the greater good of mankind. Daydreaming about how I can make a change in the world and actions that I have made to help others has been happening since my younger days, even up till now. I was fixing computers at the age of eleven and creating web pages from the age of fifteen. When I reached high school, I thought I wanted to be more involved with mathematics and science by virtue of me enjoying it and also being really efficient on these subjects. In my head, I had it all planned. “I am…

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  • The Importance Of User Experience Design In Web Design

    User Experience Design (UX) in web design is the way you enhance user satisfaction by raising the bar on usability, accessibility and efficiency of user interaction with the websites. While UI stands for User Interface Design. These two terms are sometimes used incorrectly, however it’s important for one to understand that even though UI plays an important role in UX, user experience(UX) has a much larger scope. This is not to mean that UI isn’t important since a great user experience begins…

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  • Why Do You Wish To Participate In A Science & Engineering Research Experience In The US

    would particularly like to work with? (Maximum of 500 words)* One of the reasons why I would like to participate in the program is that I would like to have a research experience in the US, which is the most advanced in technology. The other reason is that I would like to work with REGC, which is led by professor Lin Zhong, if I am allowed. Firstly, by actually meeting the leading professors in the US, which is also a leading country in many aspects including research, I 'm sure I will get…

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  • A Successful Digital Campaign

    “A successful campaign has to work across different channels, digital and none digital, offering a seamless user experience” Cyber-Duck was created in 2005 by CEO, Danny Bluestone. The digital agency, with offices in London, Hertfordshire, UK, fuses creativity, technical expertise and marketing to provide agile development through lean thinking and its own ISO-accredited user-centered design. Cyber-Duck has won some of the required industry awards, including the Webby, Wirehive 100 nd UX UK…

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  • Balsamiq Interactive Prototyping Tools

    create useable and target group oriented user interfaces, it is of utmost importance to evaluate design decisions. Interactive prototyping tools are a way to evaluate the interaction between different views of a user interface. Such tools are available for all platforms and with different feature sets. In the following, we discuss two of them: Balsamiq Mockups (or Balsamiq for short) and POP. While Balsamiq is available for desktop computers (with a desktop-optimised web version being…

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  • The Importance Of National Educational Technology Standards

    From an early age, students have the opportunity and the need to be taught many technology skills. When looking at the National Educational Technology Standards (NETS) there are skills that all students need to know, no matter their age. Not only that, but English language arts standards for first grade state that students should “with guidance and support from adults [students will] use a variety of digital tools to produce and publish writing” according to the Nevada Academic Content Standards…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of SSO

    of the websites you would like to with using some sort of authentication. To help solve this issue a large number of websites have created login systems that are centralized. The centralized systems supply users with an electronic identity of sorts which is better known as a federated identity. This paper will discuss some problems that can arise when not having SSO in place, some advantages and disadvantages when using SSO for AD and LADP access and a comparison between Kerberos-based and…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Activities In The IT User Services Department

    I am a Computer Technology major who is in the Professional Track. For the Fall Semester 2015, I am doing in my internship in the IT User Services Department. This program was for me to get some experience is a field and everything I learned was hands on. The responsibilities that I had was to help the students, faculty, staff, etc. with any questions they had. I was to answer the phones and assist them. The items that I was supposed to help was with the Wireless Setup, Blackboard, Toromail,…

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  • U Chat Analysis

    Overview The web application that we will be developing is called U-Chat (University Chat). U-Chat is a versatile chat room web service in which the users you communicate with consist of people from the same University. U-Chat can be used by a wide number of users from Universities across the US; the primary audience for this application being college students. Secondary users would include University faculty and parents. U-Chat consists of a login page in which users can either choose to sign…

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  • Army Knowledge Online (AKO)

    The amount of information that AKO allows to be submits and tracked by all Soldiers is limitless. When this system is not used correctly or not used at all by Soldiers and organization it can really make work and information very hard. Characteristics of the Users of the System Every Soldier…

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