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  • Terrorism: The US Cyber Threat

    This attack was not even carried out on U.S. soil, but still goes down as the biggest “breach of military networks” to date. What we now know as a program by the name of “” is scripted to spread from one computer to every other computer in a certain network, just as the Shamoon virus was coded to do to Aramco. The virus made its way into the American military networks by simple USB flash drive. It was never released how, but somehow the USB containing the virus was inserted into a computer on an American military base in the middle east. Once the virus made its way in it was able to get into the systems of U.S. Central Command. This is the entire strategic system on how the U.S. was going about the war in Iraq and Afghanistan. It is obvious to see the importance of the files the virus uncovered. The U.S. claims to have found the culprit of these specific attacks, but still refuses to reveal this information. Of course, much of the media has speculated that the Russian government was behind the attacks. This speculation is backed by the fact that the origin of the virus was from Russia. This is not reliable because that any type of virus like this…

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  • Case Study: Team Sales Pitch For Iluun Air

    members to share opinions or express a personal point of view” (S. Beebe and T. Mottet, 2013, p. 212). I fulfilled this role by asking each group member before a decision was made for sure if they were okay with it. It became redundant; however, I find it better to know these things as soon as possible, rather than to wait and must redo a large portion of the project because a few people did not speak up. So, we decided to split up into groups of two and research different products, such as:…

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  • Forensic Evidence: Case Study

    the member’s verbal and nonverbal responses. The interview is a non-accusatory discussion exercised to build up information that is pertinent to the case. With this information, the investigator can find out more information and have a better judgement as to what exact inspired to unravel the case. Part 2: 1. The lab ought to extract any information from the thumb drive that has been submitted that pertains to the “Product X” from Greenwood Company. Make certain a replica of the information is…

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  • ISO, PO, And Regional Counsel: Case Study

    ensure compliance with FISMA. VA Handbook 6500.1 and FSS SOP Media Protection provide specific procedures in accordance with NIST guidelines. ISOs are required to ensure local policy is in place, and that local procedures are implemented, documented, reviewed annually and revised as necessary. MP – 2 Media Access – The information system media includes both digital media (e.g., magnetic tapes, external/removable hard drives, flash/thumb drives, compact disks, and digital video disks) and…

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  • Nt1110 Graphics Card

    transferred to a computer via USB. • Images can be shared electronically between e devices. • Printed from a camera this can be wireless with Bluetooth and a wireless printer. Cameras have revolved in megapixels as these keep getting better, this means the larger the file size of the image, and you can get very high quality images with an expensive camera. (E) Flash Memory Images are stored normally on flash memory cards such as micro SD or standard SD cards. 16gig memory cards will be able to…

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  • Hardware And Software Components Analysis

    from getting hot. The Motherboard: The motherboard is the connection between all of the components. The motherboard has many form factors, these will determine where the components go and the shape of the computer case. The most common motherboard form factors will either be Micro-ATX, Mini-ATX and ATX. The difference between these is the amount of expansion slots, and features. However this does depend on the more advanced motherboard you get. For example a more advanced Mini-ATX motherboard…

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  • The Importance Of A Computer

    To save data permanently you need to save it to your hard drive or another nonvolatile storage device such as an external hard drive. It is simplest to say the computer’s primary device for permanent storage is the internal hard drive, and it can hold large capacities of data. There are several types of external hard drives that offer storage, but are located outside of the computer system. They connect to the computer through a USB port. The number one reason people use external hard drives…

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  • Optical Disk Storage Case Study

    optical disk storage facility operates? Optical disk storage is an advancement of the floppy disk. The optical disk storage also called optical media is shinny and both recording surfaces are protected by two plastic plates which make it less exposed to dust and contamination. Unlike the floppy disks that store up to 1.44 of data, optical disks storages can store up to 650MB of data. They are 5.25 inches (12cm) and have a high storage density. Optical disks storage uses a high focused laser beam…

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  • Individualism In Society

    the free world". Thousands of people come to this country every year, learning about the country in hopes of becoming citizens. William Hudson in his book 'American Democracy in Peril ' talks about the seven biggest challenges to this democratic nation. Individualism can be seen as a gift or a curse, depending on the context in which it occurs. Because modern society finds it important that people think independently, decide autonomously and take personal initiatives, the concept of…

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  • Short Essay On Self Driving

    Self-Driving Cars A self-driving car is when the car needs little or no human interaction. With a self-driving car instead of having to drive for long hours you can just sit back and watch some Netflix or maybe read a book while the car does the work by using GPS and censers to tell where it and the other cars are on the road. The first attempt at a self-driving car was in the 1950 's GM and RCA developed a automated highway using radio control for speed and steering. Magnets in the car…

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