Case Study: Team Sales Pitch For Iluun Air

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Team Sales Pitch for iLuun Air Reflection Paper
The goal of our team sales pitch was to research a product/service on some sort of start-up website and present the product that we believed was relatable, to our audience; or the people viewing our presentation of the product. Doing a presentation like this one is better for a team because it would be too difficult for an individual or just a few people to complete. By working in a team, more information is available to us because more people can accumulate information and research than just one or a few. Working in a team is also very challenging because at times one or a few people may dominate and make the team less effective and equal. An influence like this in the group can lead the other
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We also decided to create an agenda for each meeting to help stay on task. First, focusing on the different types of task roles seen within our team, we first recognize the initiator/contributor. I would say that multiple people fulfilled this role which can be defined as “offering new ideas or approaches to the group; they suggested ways of getting the job done” (S. Beebe and T. Mottet, 2013, p. 212). Suzanne for every meeting would send us an agenda for the next meeting to help us stay on track and be productive and achieve our goals. Even at the end of a meeting she would verbally say what she would send us in the email. She would start by saying, “So, the agenda for our next meeting is as follows” and then she would list what was to come next like “brainstorm, vote on how we split up the work, construct the PowerPoint” etc. This is where Brooke also shared this role with Suzanne, as she would often add on to what Suzanne would say. By saying things like, “We should each try to get the same amount of information on each slide so the presentation appears balanced” or “be sure to collaborate with the other person researching the same general area as you to make sure everyone can get the most information”. Both Suzanne and Brooke helped to keep the team organized and on task by fulfilling the initiator/contributor …show more content…
Some members were very helpful, while others were hurtful or not contributing as well. However, in the end the finished presentation was something to be proud of and feel accomplished about. We all felt a lot better about it once it was over and done with. We all learned a little more about interacting in a group than we knew before this project because of our new acquired perspectives. We learned what helps motivate other and what stunts them as well as how to avoid or embrace these kinds of actions. Overall, we all left this project with a better idea of how to communicate with others and work with new

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