Nt1110 Graphics Card

(A)-Graphics Card
A graphics card is the hardware for a computer that produces the images that we see on the computer monitor. The Cards main job is to decide on how the pixels on the screen will be used to create the image then information that is creates is sent to the monitor through a cable. The graphics card has four main parts that it uses to complete the tasks. These are the motherboard where the power and data is connected through a connector, the processor this tells it how to use each pixel on the screen, memory which holds the picture and the monitor where the image will be displayed. The graphics card is normally built straight into the computers motherboard. The better the quality of the graphics card and the higher the capacity
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Internal memory normally means memory chips that is inside the computer with technology changing these used to be disks or tapes that was used for internal memory. Ram memory is found on the computers motherboard, so every time the computer opens a program it will be loaded and opened into ram which will make the process faster, the more ram that the computer has will meant he faster it will run and be able to complete tasks. The CPU in the computer uses cache memory as it will speed up the memory of the computer. Cache memory is mainly used to open the most used computer programs as it will decide these and help them to load …show more content…
Can scan in an old photograph.
Output medium
(L) –Printer
There are different types of printers like the dot matrix printer, the ink jet printer and the laser jet printer and the colour laser jet printer.
The dot matrix printer is a type of computer printer with a print head that prints by impact, by shaking an ink soaked ribbon against the paper just like an old typewriter.
Cost -£50-£150
Low quality and noisy and print in black and white.

Ink jet printer sprays dots of ink onto the paper to create an image, inkjet printers are normally inexpensive.
Slow (Leave page to dry)
Near photo quality output
Print in colour.
The laser printer can print high quality text and graphics on plain paper. The colour laser printer uses a laser to produce an image on a rolling drum inside the printer before it starts the text and images onto paper.
Laser printers have 4 ink cartridges.
Cyan, magenta, yellow and black. (CMYK)
The colour laser printer costs around £ 150 - £500
Black and white printers cost from £120 -£200
Home printers vs professional printers
Quality, size of paper and cost
Colour on the screen vs colour on the page as they can be a big difference if the screen is not calibrated

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