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  • The Importance Of User Interfaces

    Introduction: User interfaces are an integral part of the Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) process. It is not just the computer that opts for an efficient interface but most of the machines have their own interface where a human should be able to give a command to the machine ("Introducing User Interface Design," no date). As stated in the article (Marcus & Gould, 2000) it has been widely approved that a good user interface is necessary for the better execution and request to the user. The user interface advancement process centres consideration on understanding users and recognising demographic differing qualities. Being such an integral part of the process, the user interface is not given a prior importance while designing a commercial operating…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Activities In The IT User Services Department

    I am a Computer Technology major who is in the Professional Track. For the Fall Semester 2015, I am doing in my internship in the IT User Services Department. This program was for me to get some experience is a field and everything I learned was hands on. The responsibilities that I had was to help the students, faculty, staff, etc. with any questions they had. I was to answer the phones and assist them. The items that I was supposed to help was with the Wireless Setup, Blackboard, Toromail,…

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  • Bachelorette: User Experience Design

    I am Victoria Bowie and I am on my way to accomplishing a bachelorette in User Experience Design at Lesley University. From a tender age, I have always been fascinated with technology and my mind would fill up with thoughts on how I could help society for the greater good of mankind. Daydreaming about how I can make a change in the world and actions that I have made to help others has been happening since my younger days, even up till now. I was fixing computers at the age of eleven and creating…

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  • Interactivity And User-Generated Content Of Community Media

    Interactivity and user-generated content represent two concepts that have long been part of community, yet there remains question about how those concepts are being exercised in digital media. Therefore, research in this area grows in importance as community publications, like all media companies, follow their audience online (Abernathy, 2014). The public traditionally has a stronger role and voice in the production of content within community journalism. The publication of user-generated…

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  • MAC-Based Remote Lock For Andriod Smartphone Case Study

    In this paper, we propose a MAC-based remote lock and wipe system through the SMS push notification to protect against the private data disclosure when smart phone is lost or stolen. The proposed system provides the integrity checking mechanism so that the malicious users are unable to launch denialof- service attacks which send the lock or wipe commands to the normal users on purpose. Also, it satisfies the SMS length limitation of 80 bytes long without downgrading the security level.…

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  • U Chat Analysis

    Overview The web application that we will be developing is called U-Chat (University Chat). U-Chat is a versatile chat room web service in which the users you communicate with consist of people from the same University. U-Chat can be used by a wide number of users from Universities across the US; the primary audience for this application being college students. Secondary users would include University faculty and parents. U-Chat consists of a login page in which users can either choose to sign…

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  • Complications Of Openid Consite Authentication Protocolss

    OpenID 2.0 is being deprecated by most identity providers now, with most of them switching to pure OAuth 2.0 or OpenID Connect. OpenID 2.0 is an authentication protocol that websites allow the end-users to use to authenticate with their site. The website will usually have an option to specify an OpenID URL to authenticate with and then that site will request an HTML document from the identity server. The OpenID server returns that document and uses the headers to construct various information…

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  • Analysis Of Dota 1: Item Betting Vs. Real-Money Betting

    Lounge: 1. At the very top of the page, two options will be available: Trades and Bets. Clicking on Bets will bring you to the active/upcoming matches section of the site. a. A list of matches will be available here detailing each team playing, the region, and the projected percentage of each team winning. 2. For this example, we’re going to choose the upcoming Liquid vs. Vega match to bet on. After clicking on the appropriate match, we’re brought to the main match screen. a. In order to use…

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  • Justification Of Disaster Response Protocols

    facilities data servers in case of total loss. Justification of Disaster Response Protocols These protocols are emplaced to ensure that even in a disaster data is safe and recoverable. If there is a need to replace the network equipment the data has been secured at an offsite location for data restore. The company IT Officer is the point man to ensure the IT office is aware of the situation and take steps outlined in documented procedures. Access Control Protocols IT Office Personnel in the…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of SSO

    of the websites you would like to with using some sort of authentication. To help solve this issue a large number of websites have created login systems that are centralized. The centralized systems supply users with an electronic identity of sorts which is better known as a federated identity. This paper will discuss some problems that can arise when not having SSO in place, some advantages and disadvantages when using SSO for AD and LADP access and a comparison between Kerberos-based and…

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