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  • Btec Business Level 3 Unit 5 P5

    P5: Set up a standalone computer system, installing hardware and software components P6: Configure a computer system to meet user needs P7: Test a computer system for functionality • In this picture you can see all the parts are missing. They were removed so that we can put it back together. • In the next picture you can see the RAM is placed in the slot. It is positioned in with small amount of force until the clips click into to place. • In the next picture we installed in the hard drive which is positioned in vertical position, when you turn the computer on its side. • The hard drive is then connected to the motherboard which is connected to all the wires. • The power supply is then inserted inside the computer tower where we used the screws to screw it into place. The picture will show the power supply being inserted • Lastly this picture shows when the computer is put back together and when it is closed up. • Firstly go on the web browser and type in Avast 2015 download software where this picture will show. • Next click on free download where you will be shown this picture. Click on free download this is where it is going to ask if you ‘Do you allow the following programs to make changes to this computer’. Click Yes • Then you will be shown this screen where you are installing the product. Once the orange bar is full you will be shown this picture. • Now click ok, and now you have installed…

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  • The Importance Of A Computer

    hard drive in case the computer crashes and they need to recover the information or they need additional space when the internal drive becomes to full. Some examples of these types of devices are, of course the external hard drive which normally has the capability of holding large amounts of data, a flash drive sometimes referred to as a USB drive, jump drive, or thumb drive, and DVD’s. The most common daily storage device is probably the flash drive, it offers convenience. They are smaller and…

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  • Optical Disk Storage Case Study

    Q1.Explain how the optical disk storage facility operates? Optical disk storage is an advancement of the floppy disk. The optical disk storage also called optical media is shinny and both recording surfaces are protected by two plastic plates which make it less exposed to dust and contamination. Unlike the floppy disks that store up to 1.44 of data, optical disks storages can store up to 650MB of data. They are 5.25 inches (12cm) and have a high storage density. Optical disks storage uses a high…

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  • Raw Material: Glass (Not Sapphire) Corning: US

    Retail SEERS Analysis – Apple A: Raw Material: Glass (Not Sapphire) Corning (Gorilla Glass) – USA Apple has decided against following an industry shift towards sapphire glass. They did this because due to environmental concerns since “Sapphire requires 100 times more energy to produce than glass” (Bajarin 2014). Apple’s commitment to designing products in this way allows them to remain competitive while addressing sustainability issues as well. B: Minerals (Conflict Free) Intel (Processors)…

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  • Challenges In Forensic Investigations

    INTRODUCTION Today with fast growing digital age of modern technology, digital forensic experts are facing a number of data sources that they need and rely on to acquire valuable information for their investigations. Data sources can come from different forms and areas such as: personal computer, hard drives, network logs, social networking sites, mobile devices. These sources can contain a vast amount of data. Hence, they lead up to many challenges in acquiring the data. For example, just in…

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  • Music In The Digital Era

    Music in the Digital Era Music is an art that has existed for thousands of years, and over that vast amount of time, music has evolved. From the Medieval period to the classical, and from the modern to the present era, music has slowly become more and more affiliated with technological industry, including computers and even some smart phones. In today’s style of music, most often the elements and instruments being used are actually not instruments at all, but digital sounds created by a…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Interactive Learning

    INTRODUCTION Interactive learning is a learning system that combines together the effect of social networking and urban computing within the same curriculum. Interactive learning has become dominant from a round 2000 and this is due to the increase in the number of people involved in the digital technology and virtual communication. It is a system where the boundary between the educator and the learner means completely nothing and the educators can no longer be regarded as the keeper of…

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  • Athlete Definition Essay

    is giving a 110% percent on the court or field. To start, don’t mistake them for standard players; the word reference definition just gives the fundamental beginning stage to recognizing an athlete. The definition truly just starts to come to fruition when the athlete is compared with other types of players, for example, crowd pleasers and one quarter players. While a large portion of those…

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  • Effects Of Concussions In Sports

    concussion can be for the better or for the worst for a player returning to a game. If the player is disoriented, slow to speak, and the pupils are dialated they have suffered a mild to sever concussion. They should be immediately removed from the game and be cared for medically as quick as possible. The unknowing eye plays such a big role in sports because players will not realize a concussion if they have never experienced one before. Athletes will continue to play if an concussion has been…

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  • Personal Narrative Analysis: Rugby, My Strength

    placing your body weight onto that leg, as if you are set to change direction in a certain way then it becomes effective. The next step is more technical change your body mass to the other side of your body, discharge off your standing foot in an almost instantaneous action. Continue by pushing from your outside leg, driving your raised inside leg for further power and to keep your equilibrium. Finally step four while the player is disorientated run as fast as possible in the other direction.…

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