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  • Personal Narrative: I Am What I Buy

    I Am What I Buy People may make judgements or assumptions about who you are based upon where you live, the car you drive, the clothes you wear, the music you listen to, etc. I’ve been thinking about who I am, my value system and personality. I am an only child who was raised in a single parent household. My mother taught me early on how to be thrifty and that you have to work for what you want; this is where my value system began. I am a wife, mother, work full-time and college student. All my life family has been the most important thing to me and will always come first. I have a love for decorating, repurposing, thrift store shopping and organizing. I’m a planner and enjoy doing things and giving things to others as well. When I shop value and cost are important to me. Thinking about who I am and what I purchase I’ve concluded that, yes, I am what I buy. Here are some examples of what I purchase represents who I am. Let’s start with the home I live in. I spent most of my childhood living in an apartment. One of my goals as a child was to own a house when grew up. Through hard work I was able to achieve this goal. My husband and I chose the town we live in based on the smaller population, excellent school district and the family community atmosphere. We designed and built our house ourselves so that we could have exactly what we wanted within our budget as well as save money being the general…

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  • Volute Krater Made In Greece: Art Analysis

    signify that a hero who has died, is the focal point on the back of the vase. The artist also uses curved lines at the top of the vase to show the richness of detail and drive the story further. The artist also uses the pointing hands of several figures to show a psychological point; Atlas on his throne and Selene driving her chariot. Another element the artist used was the use of red, black, and orange (by mixing red and yellow) colors. The black creates a contrast to the orange and reveals the…

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  • How Three Literary Devices Used In A Good Man Is Hard To Find

    Are There Any Good Men Out There? “A Good Man is Hard to Find”, written by Flannery O’ Connor is the one to read. This story is very interesting but a bit rare. The view point of this story is very different from what some may think. While reading this story I noticed three literary devices being used. This story may contain more than three literary terms but the three I noticed being used were an allegory, allusion, and irony. The first literary device I noticed being used was an allegory. An…

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  • Dynamic Pricing Case Study

    Introduction It can be easily expected from a company to offer a static price for their goods and services, but how does static pricing maximize profits? Currently, companies who make sales online are able to collect data on their current and potential customers regarding their demographics and track their search and purchase history. With the collected data, companies can produce a price that may match the dollar value of certain customers – this is called Dynamic Pricing. Dynamic Pricing is…

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  • How Does Interior Design Affect A Restaurant

    The importance that interior and exterior decor has on the overall success of a restaurant can be markedly great, and the interior design sets the mood of the restaurant and the customer in many ways walls, furniture, utensils, textures and colors, staff, employee dresses, paintings, lightings, and carpets, everything is representing the restaurant. Interior and Exterior has many effects on a restaurant 's outlook, it can hurt the restaurant or draw customers to the restaurant. They must also…

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  • Difference Between Goods And Services

    Differentiating Between Services and Goods Good and services are products which are sold by a company to meet a consumer’s needs. They are the tangible and intangible things that we benefit from in our everyday life. Whether durable goods such as a car that we drive to work in, or the service that our garbage man provides, we are surrounded by products and services we purchase that drive the economy. This paper will describe the differences between goods and services and how technology is…

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  • Capitalism, Purpose And Servant Leadership: Case Study

    Professor Randy Gibb, who is the Dean of the Business School at Grand Canyon University, gave a lecture to the business college entitled ‘Conscious, Capitalism, Purpose and Servant Leadership’ and essentially it’s when a company strives to make a profit ethically with a greater good in mind. Southwest, rightfully so, is held up as the shining example of a company who does conscious capitalism right. And they stressed it was because of our philosophy of: Employees first, Customers second,…

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  • Hrm 531 Week 4 Team Assignment

    Customer priority – Customer priority means how many customers buys some same products. Most of the customers buys small and 4 seaters cars because these are very good and economical cars. Customers giving prefers to small cars. External Development of customer service standards Customer priorities – In this point if numbers of customers buy a same kind of product is called customer priorities but here most of the customers buys a small or 4 tires cars and there are so better for the small…

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  • The Pestel Analysis Of Mcdonald's Case Study Of Mcdonalds

    In 2008 when the recession was in its bloom, hence there was increase in the demand for McDonalds and more revenues. Customers may want to go for low cost food like McDonalds. Sociological factor such as change in life style can affect the sales of McDonalds. As nowadays people prefer expensive food than cheap ones. Moreover, different country has different eating lifestyle. As in USA people love to eat potato and hamburger whereas in China people like rice. McDonalds introduce rice burger years…

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  • Analysis Of Gentleman's Barbershop

    4. Market Analysis Summary The Gentlemen’s Barbershop will be firstly operated in Palmerston North and targeted the customers for adult boys and men only. As a student city, it is a good place to open a barbershop business since Palmerston North has so many potential customers that might meet Gentlemen’s Barbershop target. For example, the students in Palmerston North, who will bring more possibilities to be customers for the Gentlemen’s Barbershop. In addition, because the number of student…

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