How Does Interior Design Affect A Restaurant

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The importance that interior and exterior decor has on the overall success of a restaurant can be markedly great, and the interior design sets the mood of the restaurant and the customer in many ways walls, furniture, utensils, textures and colors, staff, employee dresses, paintings, lightings, and carpets, everything is representing the restaurant. Interior and Exterior has many effects on a restaurant 's outlook, it can hurt the restaurant or draw customers to the restaurant. They must also be knowledgeable about the many types and characteristics of furnishings, accessories and ornaments used in creating interiors. Furniture, lighting, carpeting and floor covering, paint and wall covering, glass, wrought metal, fixtures, art and artifacts are just some of the many items and materials designers select from. In addition, they must be familiar with the various styles and history of styles of design, art and architecture. Many restaurant owners have a specific interior design preference that they will tend to lean towards when carrying out a complete …show more content…
Portion control is important for body weight management as the weight is defined by the total calorie intake. Portion control is about knowing the correct measures or serving sizes as per calorie counts and fat content for different foods and beverages. A must for losing weight in a healthy way, portion control is something which stands right in the middle of excess calorie intake and not eating enough. It also stands out in a restaurant because they don 't to be paying a lot of money and get less than what they pay for. Customers also do not want to get less than what they paid for but they don 't want to give more. Plus they don 't want one customer to get more than another one because they will not be happy and they might down the

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