The Pestel Analysis Of Mcdonald's Case Study Of Mcdonalds

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McDonald’s was bought in 1955 by Ray Kroc. He wants to fulfil individual demand. In the 1970s and 1980s Mc Donald became famous (Speculations, 2016). McDonald’s introduce different ideas such as introducing breakfast, various adult menu and healthier food etc. The main focus of McDonald’s is customer wants and expectations. Market orientation main aim is customer and what are their requirements. McDonald’s changed their packaging and replaced with paper packaging, they want their customers to know that they are environmentally aware of the fact. They want to show that they are environmentally concerned. McDonald’s supports the Olympics. McDonalds continues to innovate new menus to attract customers and continues to expand its Geographical reach. …show more content…
To get the business running, it’s important to get business strengths and weaknesses. The fast food organisation is influenced by government initiatives motivated to improve health and decrease obesity. A report was published by Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition in 2003 and it was related to the quantity of salt taken by the number of individuals which cause heart diseases. The UK government introduced initiatives to decrease salt in McDonalds food. Hence in Germany, all the fast food need to make clear about the ingredients in the food such as salt, sugar and low and high …show more content…
In 2008 when the recession was in its bloom, hence there was increase in the demand for McDonalds and more revenues. Customers may want to go for low cost food like McDonalds.
Sociological factor such as change in life style can affect the sales of McDonalds. As nowadays people prefer expensive food than cheap ones. Moreover, different country has different eating lifestyle. As in USA people love to eat potato and hamburger whereas in China people like rice. McDonalds introduce rice burger years ago.
Technology has an impact on organisation. Like technology will make an organisation to do well in management and performance. Technology is used in various way such as advertising, doing payments for sale and using Wi-Fi and internet to fulfil customer desires.
Environmental factors include air pollution and waste of raw material. McDonalds was pointed out for using polystyrene for packing food. Hence the food was wasted and polystyrene packaging happened. McDonalds was considered as the largest food waste organisation. McDonalds should bring changes depending on environmental

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