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  • Personalized Customer Service Essay

    PERSONALIZED CUSTOMER SERVICE WHAT IS PERSONALIZED CUSTOMER SERVICE Personalized customer service is more than just satisfying a customer’s needs, it’s about service that goes above and beyond what’s expected. It’s this type of service that develops a loyal customer. Customer interactions are more than just simple transactions, although warm and friendly, it’s difficult to build rapport without an emotional connection. By building rapport and engaging in a customer, it allows them to feel that…

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  • Under Armour Swot Analysis Of Under Amour

    Under Armour Introduction Under Armour, company is a clothing company that deals with different designs on clothes. It many comprise accessories that can be innovated so that they have a better outlook to the customers who are pleased with different designs and perspectives. Moreover, this company was established in early 1996 having an aim of changing how the athletes look regarding sweat-soaked cotton T-shirts. Under Amour, headquarters are located in Baltimore. However, this company works in…

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  • Why Do Homeowners Benefit Houses Committing?

    Housesitting is a booming, worldwide trend. When homeowners travel, they need to know their belongings and pets are safe and secure. Professional housesitters decrease the risk of theft and ensure the comfort of their clients' pets while they are aware. In return for home and pet care, house sitters stay in fabulous residences around across the nation for free. Others may charge a fee for services, depending on the job. Either way, the business is a lucrative one. It's an excellent and…

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  • Good Customer Service Essay

    spend more money. This is why customer service is very important. There are several reasons why I support good customer services. One reason why good customer service is important is because it because it allows employees to build a relationship with customer.…

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  • Calabar And Grill Case Study

    Great food and good vibes bring happiness. The Calabar and Grill of Decatur, Ga, established by Kerry Ann and head chef Shauna Wright, brings a new experience to Decatur through urbanized Caribbean cuisine and live entertainment. The diverse and reoccurring events, cultured atmosphere and relationships between the employees and customers has kept the Calabar and Grill alive and continuously growing for five years. During the first two years of being open, the restaurant was just a…

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  • The Dwindling Job Market Analysis

    Brian Straight’s (a writer for Fleet Owner) article “Service Edge” gives a good example of why bad customer service is occasionally alright. He talks about how in restaurants servicing people can be an up and down struggle. Say a restaurant runs out of a popular dish, people will see this as being unprepared, or the restaurant…

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  • Responsiveness Analysis

    Responsiveness refers to a willingness to help customers and provide prompt service. According to Parasuraman et al. (1985), responsiveness is the kindness to help customer by providing prompt services as soon as a request is received. Besides, Parasuraman et al. (1988) also mentioned responsiveness as the willingness or readiness of employees to provide service. It is also involves understanding needs and wants of the customers, convenient operating hours, individual attention rendered by the…

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  • Unit 8: Customer Satisfaction And Dissatisfaction

    a person experiences when an offering meets their expectations. For example, when a customer has a good experience from the previous products or services they are rendered by companies, they become satisfied but when they experience failures…

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  • Importance Of Customer Loyalty

    Businesses today focus on maintaining satisfied as well as loyal customers to ensure effectiveness in the midst of steep competition. Companies now with the implementation of apt customer management strategies could significantly emphasise on gaining competitive advantage. In order to meet their objectives they should primarily understand the nature and expectations of the customer. Customer centric approach has time and again proved effective and businesses have benefited by considering such…

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  • Importance Of Communication Skills For Customer Service

    this skill about how to communicate with my customer by providing good customer service and giving what they want in the best way, this is a greater chance to increase my customer base and job satisfaction. This is good skills required me to have to build a working relationship by interacting with my customers in both a polite, confidence, respect and professional manner. Strength, I think am good in communication skills because good to interact with people, I always talk honestly and polite to…

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