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  • The Company Culture: The Lincoln Electric Company

    The Lincoln Electric company has had, for many years, a very peculiar organizational culture which seems to fall in the Team and People oriented culture profile. Having these organizational characteristics means that the company places a lot of attention on customer and employee satisfaction. The pay packets and bonuses offered at Lincoln Electric are much higher than those offered at other, similar, companies. Also the working hours at Lincoln Electric are slightly less than those at…

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  • Retail Store Evaluation Essay

    Retail Store Evaluation What makes a store a “great” store? Typically, customers base their judgment of how good a store is upon its environment, it’s workers, and of course its quality of products corresponding to the price. Rue 21 is a young women and men’s retail store that offers a variety of clothing and accessories at a discounted price. It has numerous locations, but a popular site is in one of Kansas’ shopping malls, Towne East Square Mall, located in Wichita. This particular store is…

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  • Customer Service Management Essay

    Thai Travel Group 1. Evaluation of customer service management and complaints resolution 1.1 Customer’s needs and preferences Customer needs defines that customer tend to solve problem with purchase of goods and services. And Martin (1981) who provide of definition Customer’s needs thought that good model to follow in identifying and describing the needs of customers, Identify basic human needs, know the timing requirements for quality customer service. And anticipate the needs of your…

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  • Online Customer Relation Case Study

    As time goes by and the company gains experience with customers beginning to be able to serve them more efficiently (Crowder, Dinkelacker & Hsu, 2001). Customers will be satisfied to good references from the institution to other potential customers and ultimately be willing to pay more for the services they are receiving, because they have confidence that they will be well served. As time passes, in the evolution of the relationship…

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  • The Importance Of Service Recovery

    be said as a sure sign of pushing the customer to a direct competitor. According to Tanford, Raab and Kim (2013), the term 'defection ' is used to describe customers who transfer their loyalty to another company. The risk of defection is high, especially when there are various opposing alternatives available in the hospitality and tourism industry. One good technique for handling negative service encounters is what Ritz Carlton Hotel has implemented in all of their properties worldwide.…

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  • Repeat Customers Case Study

    plan. For a monthly fee, customers can have access to special benefits. They might receive an automatic upgrade to free Priority Mail shipping on all purchases, for example, or access to members-only sales. You could offer rewards points that can be used on future purchases, or you could offer content that only members can…

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  • Balanced Scorecards Analysis

    The balanced scorecards (BSC) tool has a direct impact to the effects of strategic management of a corporation’s identity. The research performed by Abdi and Ahmad (2013) shift the focus in ways that drive a better understanding about forming and managing a corporation’s identity. These two main areas of the BSC are what actually make the identity of the corporation and how it would be managed going forward (Abdi & Ahmad, 2013). BSC was created due to the insufficiency of only using financial…

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  • Customer Service Importance

    We all know the importance of a good customer service. If you are a business, big or small, online or offline, a good customer service is expected of you. Aside from the good quality of product or service that you are offering your consumers or clients, how can you expect your customers to be loyal to you if you do not accommodate them when they need you. If you have a business, your service doesn't just stop after you have handed your product and payment has been made. Business doesn't just…

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  • Athens Farmer Case

    explain, everyone who has experience in the Athens farmers market can give their feedback online. However, this evaluation system cannot guarantees no malicious feedback for vendors. If some friendly venders have malicious feedback but they provide good customer system, customers will have miss understanding in this case. However, the second solution will be more reasonable choice for this criteria because this solution will lead customers to be involved in the Athens farmers market. It means…

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  • Customer Loyalty Programs

    An additional 30% of respondents considered management programs that promoted a good reputation crucial. Most dealership managers and owners know that good service is the make-or-break component of making a sale and retaining customers. The reputation of car salespeople for being rude, dishonest, or pushy has unfortunately been well-earned by unscrupulous dealerships…

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