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  • 3.4 Explain The Costs And Benefits Of Customer Service Analysis

    working environment Great customer service can be very cost effective, the better the customer service received and the product sold, the more revenue will be generated for the company meaning a larger turnover. Great customer service can generate a good reputation for a company, a company that looks after their customers are more than likely to have a customer return or show interest in the products and services on offer. 3.5 Explain the impact of organisational values on how customers create…

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  • Elgin Technology Products Case Study Solution

    Project Description Richard Lee, President of Elgin Technology Products is considering to stablish a new customer services system. Mr. Lee wants to implement a way to rewards his customers based on their relationship to the company. Basically the problem is about setting the right expectations for the clients in regards of timing and also treat them fairly. Resolving customer’s problems in a short period of time definitely helps to customer satisfaction however Mr. Lee must be 100% commit to be…

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  • Aj Hackett Bungy Case Study

    customers. Reliability: Accors reception and room service runs 24 hours which will meet any needs or wants for any visitor. I couldn 't judge if bookings were made error free as I didn 't book a room. Service that was provided to us wasn 't very good. We had a assistant manager take us on a site visit and firstly he opened a door into a occupied room and then secondly he didn 't check if people were checking into any rooms so the room he was going to take us into, he couldn’t as the people…

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  • Tyson Food Case

    Service Quality As stated previously, Tyson Food is implementing several concepts to regain a positive company image and work to understand what customers want and need. Service quality is another concept in which Tyson Food will work to achieve its goals. The exchange process, interactions between customers and company, and the product that is being delivered all factor into service quality (Rashid, Rani, Yusuf, & Shaari, 2015). Service quality is the customer perceived quality of all…

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  • Gourmet Foods: Successful Life Course

    Gourmet Foods is a company involved in the grocery and drug business completing with companies such as Wal-Mart in the retail business. The three day course called “Successful Life Course” involves inspirational handout, 12 minutes of yoga-like stretching, marching up a hill, chanting, breakfast, and lectures of attitude, diet and exercise. The logic behind Nelson’s three-day course is to positively influence Gourmet Food’s profitability as employees would feel enthusiastic and engaged about…

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  • USHEALTH Group Executive Summary

    he CompanyUSHEALTH Group is a medical insurance company with two subsidiaries. Through provision of products that are different for entrepreneurs and their employees, self employed persons and families, it has aspired to be America's trusted partner in healthcare. USHEALTH Group servesover 15 million customers with tailor-made products for more than 50 years. The ProductsUSHEALTH Group knows every customer has unique needs. The company has developed an array of coverages to its clientele, so…

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  • Rhetorical Theory: The Cultural Approach To Organizations

    Now that we understand the “Cultural Approach to Organizations”, how rhetorical theory helps shapes the “Cultural Approach to Organizations”, and now we will take a look at how the best way to look at “Cultural Approach to Organizations” is if we recognize the ways that it is a rhetorical theory.If we are able to see the ways rhetoric works in this theory we will be able to understand it in the best way. For example, if we look at the standards and values of a particular company we can see what…

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  • Empathy In The Workplace Essay

    Empathy in the Workplace In the three years that I have worked in customer service, I believe I have seen a side of people that others don’t see very often. Working in customer service or retail, you are almost required to be nice and respectful to everyone you see. Which is easy enough, until you get as customer who has no idea how things work at in the service industry. They become outraged at something as simple as a 50 cent increase of the price of a product. It’s not everyone that I have…

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  • Comparison Between Bamboo Sushi Bar And Hibachi Express

    most importantly the price. Bamboo Sushi Bar and Hibachi Express represent a restaurant that is highly qualified to provide a great experience for those who decide to dine there. The atmosphere can make or break a restaurant. If a restaurant has a good atmosphere, then it will make the customers want to come back for another meal. If a restaurant has an unpleasant atmosphere, this will cause customers to not return and possibly deter others from going. Now what is atmosphere? Atmosphere…

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  • Customer Feedback In The Workplace

    discussed and resolved in private. A heated public argument will almost never do good things for your online image. Acknowledge the customer’s concerns and offer next steps. This can be done publicly, and is a good opportunity to show that your company is being responsive to feedback. This can be a comment as simple as “Thank you so much for bringing this concern to us, Jane. I’m sorry to hear that you haven’t had a good experience so far. We’d like to contact you to resolve the situation—can…

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