Wholesale Shopify Store Case Study

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Firstly, should you sell wholesale? Distributing products via wholesale can be a great way to grow your business. By giving retailers the opportunity to buy your products in bulk at trade price means your products are on-route to a stocked shelf. It’s a great way to reach a whole new group of potential customers. There are additional concerns such as building relationships with stockists and keeping your inventory stocked, however, visibility at a high street department store will give your brand a boost and create new fans.

There are 3 different ways you can successfully operate a wholesale Shopify store:


This option is an easy one, why only have one store when you can have two! While it may take a little extra time
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Firstly, your wholesale store should always present a password and login option. The tableware design store, Teroforma, utilises this well. Using a redirect means your store is not losing any valuable traffic. If a prospective first-time customer lands on the wholesale store, they are offered the option of a redirect and make the process really simple for both consumers and retailers.

There are a few caveats with this. It does mean managing your inventory across two stores and will involve careful management, and there will be two sets of financial reports to consolidate. Wholesale can offer you an additional revenue stream, however, do you have the time to manage 2 stores?

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There are a number of apps in the Shopify App store that will streamline setting up your wholesale store. Wholesale Hero, Wholesaler and Wholesale Pricing by Supple allow you to control what discounts are offered to what customers using regular customer accounts. Once you have approved a customer as wholesale, they then have access to all the benefits being a stockist allows.

An unobtrusive tab at the top of your store will direct all bulk buyers to where they need to go without putting off your regular clientele. You can take a look at Pomp & Co Grooming website for inspiration.

Shopify recommends Locksmith by Isaac Bowen, The ease of using the app is as such: “You can lock any page, product, collection, or blog, or your cart, or your whole shop at once”. This functionality will allow you to hide pages & prices allowing you to keep your wholesale and retail business separate, whilst only operating one

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