Can You Win Back Online Shoppers Case Study

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Case : “Can You Win Back Online Shoppers” (Harvard Business Review)

Writing Task : Recommend a decision to Benjy’s.

Position Statement

The Board Members of Benjy’s should change their strategies to win back their customers. Proposing four possible adjustments, Benjy’s should consider charging a showcasing fee, creating a buy online - pick up at store model, offering loyalty programs, and training staff about their products to offer customers after purchase support. The goal of these adjustments is to bring back consumers without having to cut all internet availabilities, increasing sales and brand recognition without having to price match with online stores, and providing a digital and favorable way of accessing Benjy’s for customers.
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Proof of Recommendation

To attract more customers to the stores we’ve decided to adopt a digital input to reach out to more people. By being able to buy online and have a reward program based on it will encourage people to shop at Benjy’s. Secondly, in order to increase Benjy’s profits, we have decided to charge a showcasing fee.

Critique of options

Training staff about products to offer after purchase support

Increasing the service we provide to our customers enables us to help them find what they are looking for. By using the digital approach the consumers can now be informed before coming into the stores, therefore hiring more staff would only increase costs.

Creating a Buy Online - Pick Up at Store Model

Benjy’s implementing their buy online - pick up at store and loyalty programs instead of physical marketing (billboards, radio, etc.) This will bring in new customers and entice showcasing customers to buy at Benjy’s. Aside from this, Benjy’s application will make it easier for customers to purchase their products. For example, they can easily buy their desired product on the application, and then on the commute home from work, drop by one of Benjy’s location and pick their product up. So this way, it is efficient for both Benjy’s and their customers. This will be better than Benjy’s original idea of having exclusive
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Implementing a loyalty program encourages shoppers to buy from us and provides a mouth-to-mouth channel for other people to get informed. Benjy’s regular customers will benefit from this program, it will provide them with discounts and rewards. This will be a substitute for matching prices with online stores. In addition, it will help customers experience the products.

Charging a showcasing

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