Case Study On Supply Chain Management At Haus Mart

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Excel-Pls supply chain management at Haus Mart

1. How is value added in supply chain management through better planning versus better execution?
Ans. Supply chain management as we have learnt in this course is managing the movement of goods and services. It involves the storage and flow raw materials, inventory of work in process as well as finished goods from their point of origin to their point of consumption or use.
According to case, the largest cost advantage and opportunities lie in the aspects linked with matching supply with demand. Matching supply with demand is what the supply chain planning carries out. In supply chain management, supply chain planning is the component that avails both tactical and strategic
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Should Exel move into joint planning with Haus Mart?
Ans. I think Exel should move into joint planning with Haus Mart. First of all, Exel knows well the client’s businesses and is observing a number of opportunities for improvement in the planning stage. Exel deep knowledge of supply chain can help Haus Mart planners make better decisions and remove any inefficiency. Second, Exel four team approaches appear very capable and effective in conducting research and making transactions for new business opportunities. I think its strong problem-solving skills might work as well in the supply chain planning.
Exel’s initial planning involvement in the planning might be limited to certain areas that the company is familiar with, such as inventory management. When it comes to demand forecasting and production planning, Exel would need higher level of cooperation from Hauz Mart and might experience some learning curve. Also, the company would have to pursue closer relationship with the end customers and manufactures, which might take a while. However, Exel can acquire most of the information needed for planning from Hauz Mart, and if it can maintain its current learning capability as an organization, the company should be able to move into supply chain planning
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How would a deep understanding of supply chain execution and stronger capabilities in execution allow companies to make better supply chain planning decisions? Please be specific.
Ans. A scenario from the Haus Mart Company where Perry watts observed that a shallow knowledge supply chain execution in HM resulted to improper planning of the shipping goes a long way to portray how a deep understanding of supply chain execution and allows room for companies to make better planning decisions.
Supply Chain Execution converts and improves complex warehousing and logistics management by bringing labor management, warehouse management, 3PLs billing and transportation management process into a single application on a unified database, so that the logistics service provider can convey more value to their customers and in the meantime they reduce their expenses. By coordinating and streamlining exceedingly critical business forms with Supply Chain Execution, logistics administration suppliers make new chances to:
• It manages and moves products more efficiently. Secures and organizes shipments better via computerizing stock management, and incorporating logistics forms with enterprise asset planning system and solutions used by clients and

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