Change Management Within The Supply Chain Management Industry

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Change Management is a planned tactic to the transitioning of an organization from its present state to a future preferred state, in order to achieve a visualization and plan. It is also designed as a managerial process intended at vesting employees to agree and come to grips with changes in their existing setting. Change Management is essential to every project that directs, establish, and empowers people to agree to new procedures, skills, structures, and standards. To achieve sustainability organizations are having to deal with unparalleled change and renovation in which, almost every part of contemporary life has been affected by way of the haste and irreversibility regarding such changes. Organizations are under more pressure to answer to changes in order to remain sustainable and profitable (Deeg, 2009). This paper will address Change Management within the Supply Chain Management Industry, focusing on points such as; issues, management styles, career path, changes over the past decade, and recommendations.
Change Management Issues
An effort to make a change from within an organization starts with a vision. This vision creates a direction and motivation for change to take place (Buke, 2013). This is called strategy, a united, all-inclusive and cohesive plan that delivers direction for accomplishing the vision. Lacking such a strategic plan would be disastrous to the visions success. In Supply Chain Management there are many issues related to change that organizations…

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