Supply Chain Management At Caldeira UK

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There has been a significant rise of Internet based information, developments in communication and technology. A dedicated SCM can be framed with these advancements in order to face the strategic and operational objectives of a company. It is estimated that one in six firms had reshored its manufacturing to UK from other countries. The concept of Supply chain is to integrate the end to end operations of a business, managing the sources, flow of materials considering a total systems perspective among multiple functions and suppliers. Effective management of these functions would help in delivering the right products at the right time when there is a demand from the consumer end.
Cushions being produced by Caldeira Ltd is an established textile company based in the UK. Caldeira UK was formed in 1991 and grew to be the market leader
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The technological change has also enabled the Big Data. The Chinese labour cost issue directed Caldeira to bring its production process close to their key markets and thereby to have more control in the Supply chain. The sale of cushions at Caldeira has seen a significant growth from 2014 till now after being reshored.
As per the research in looking at a company’s need for reshoring, the main traces were determined to be SCM which proves to be a managerial approach in attaining sustainable profits and growth. The off-shoring concept can no longer be beneficial to Caldeira and also to other UK based manufacturing companies as more than 40 per cent of manufacturers have already brought their production back to the UK, the number is even increasing predominantly. It is also understandable that SCM is not just about logistics and there has to be a good balance between the production, scheduling as well as management

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