Telephone Service Case Study

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1- To improve the overall quality of telephone service in my organization I would provide the training on knowing how to answer the phone with good manners and also emergent good communication conducts are imperative skills you can study to learn how to answer the phones. I will show them how to come upon a selection of circumstances, I will tell them we have to improve our services and its responsibility, especially for our public to help develop and to ensure the business to be able to focus on our customer’s value, to improve it’s easy to deal with the business customers. Letting them know that a business reputation is only as good when you provide the best customer service. With that being said, please a customer and you will see the clientele grow tremendously within the neighborhood and even outsiders, so give them the …show more content…
Here is an example, Good Morning or Good Afternoon, thank you for calling Valerie’s Auto my name is Joe how may I help you? Letting the employees know that is a proper way to answer the phone it is polite. The key phrase that I will encourage my company to use will be Thank You should always be on one’s mind that is a common courtesy. I Trust Your Judgment is more like I believe in you. It’s My Pleasure it tells the customer that you’re here to help them. You have all the time they need. And it’s a pleasure to do it.
2- In handling an unhappy customer, I will listen actively to what the customer has to say, I will pay close attention to what they say. I will be empathic and Apologize to them letting them know that I understand. If the customer is angry and screaming at cool, maintain control of yourself bit your tongue hold back let them air out. That can help diffuse the customer’s anger and it can also help validate your concern. You will apologize to your customer dealing with a difficult customer is always challenging so here is an examples to help improve

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