Sears Competitive Advantage

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Maximizing the value of product and service offerings within the industry
Exploring the competitive advantage of Sears; one thing noted that Sears does have an advantage to focus on quality, low cost, and customer responsiveness and satisfaction. Its strategic scope can be geared towards products and service of their customers. This has already started with Sears member-centric focus in providing its customers with the best shopping experience. Furthermore, Sears can expand its product lines to include a “sears only” experience where all products and services are exclusively sold or offered within Sears. Sears does currently offer its one lines in clothing and appliances, however this can expand itself in areas where Sears are providing
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Sears will offer members only retail experience where you will be able to shop for design home goods and clothing merchandise. Currently there is not a market where customers are able to comfortably shop in an exclusive area that its sole focus is in design of home goods and retail clothing; the atmosphere and experience will be similar to “fine dining” but Sears will coin the phrase of having a “fine shopping” experience. This environment will cater to those who are design focused and appreciate the unique experience of being a part of member’s only atmosphere. This new “fine shopping” experience will be a relaxing way to shop exclusively with all of the latest name brand and designs in home goods and retail clothing and accessories. The newly designed Sears stores will be stand-alone stores; coming away from the mall experience. This new shopping experience; will also be capped by requiring reservations much like the fine dining experience.
Sears “fine shopping” experience will lean towards an organic design where it will show is greatest value promise it is members only exclusive small size store. In creating the perfect shopping experience; this will require a team of innovative service leaders that will use adaptive cultures and technology as a driving force to enhance the member
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By not redefining its current identity; Sears will risk itself falling back into what it has always done as a retail store. This is why it is important for Sears to not only redefine itself by separating from the “mall culture” but also from the overall retail culture. Partnering with high-end home-goods and clothing designers; Sears will be able to cater its members to a whole new experience while shopping. However, the changing of its products to high-end merchandise its crucial to its new existence, culture and environment. These threats are only made into existence if Sears is not ready for new and innovative culture experience; not only for its members but for the overall organization and its

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