Loyalty And Customer Loyalty

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Loyal customers prefer a specific firm as their desire and actions when it comes to purchasing (Kose, 2007). These people are those who visit the store at least 10 times, (FiveStars, n.d). However, customer loyalty is both an attitudinal and behavioral tendency to choose a brand over the other that may vary due to the satisfaction of the customers with the product or service, the convenience of the firm, or the awareness with the brand (PR Loyalty Solution, 2011).
In a restaurant business, customers play a big role to the success and continuity of its operation specially when there is loyalty. Hence, the firm also receives benefits from them through (Sahin, 2006) lowering the price elasticity, lowering and decrease relationship cost, increase
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), provide customer service – ( does the wait-staff give respect towards the customers, meet their needs and wants and extend / reduce the service to help for customer satisfaction?), provide unique experience – ( does the experience with the business memorable and distinct?) and do business innovation ( does the firm respond and implement the customers’ feedback?) to attract/keep loyal customers in the …show more content…
But if a restaurant business has ineffective strategy and tactics to keep loyal customers through improvements of their product/ service, price, location, promotions, physical evidence, and people or its marketing program then there must be a small number of loyal customers existing in the business.
This study entitled “Factors Affecting Loyalty of Selected Customers of Vemouch, Noveleta Cavite: Basis for Marketing Program Improvements” is being conducted because the researchers want to determine the factors affecting customer loyalty and the level of the selected customer’s loyalty. Alongside, the development of set of improvements of the business’ marketing program will also be recommended for the fulfilment of the researchers’ requirement and Vemouch’s reference for

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