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  • Volute Krater Made In Greece: Art Analysis

    For this analysis, the artwork I selected a Volute Krater made in Greece during the 4th century B.C.E. The artist, The Underworld Painter, uses several lines, especially in the temple made for Atlas. The horizontal and vertical lines give the temple definite shape because of the thickness and they signify that a hero who has died, is the focal point on the back of the vase. The artist also uses curved lines at the top of the vase to show the richness of detail and drive the story further. The artist also uses the pointing hands of several figures to show a psychological point; Atlas on his throne and Selene driving her chariot. Another element the artist used was the use of red, black, and orange (by mixing red and yellow) colors. The black creates a contrast to the orange and reveals the importance of the figures in orange. The basic hue of the vase is red and…

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  • Microlens Case Study

    a) Microlens Micolens are small lenses with a diameter smaller than 1 mm, they can work by diffraction, refraction or a combination of these two. When arranged regularly on a single substrate they form a microlens array. In order to be considered a good quality lens, microlenses must have qualities such as to low wavefront aberrations, consistency of focal length and pitch across the array, durability and low price. (Daly 2001) Microlens arrays have several applications, such as CCD arrays,…

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  • Harold Caneaux's Sydney Bridge

    This specific style….. In Australia, both Max Dupain and Olive Cotton followed the movement, which concentrated, on sharp focus, abstract angles, bold tones and perspectives. This was also called “New Photography”. “The evergreen Valley of the Macquarie, New South Wales” by Harold Cazneaux captures a beautiful farming scenery, which is quite faded, emphasizing the Pictorialism theme. The different highlights and sharpness throughout the image suggest the bromoil technique has been used.…

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  • Analysis Of A Pastoral Visit By Richard Norris Brooke

    lower saturated clothes appeared to be dirty showing that their social standing was low. While the pastor’s highly saturated clothing showed that he had a high social standing in their society. This being said it can be said that the pastor was Brooke’s intended focal point of this painting. A focus point is defined as the center of attention. It is clear that the pastor is the focal point of the painting. Not because the painting is titled, “A Pastoral Visit,” but because anything that you look…

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  • Slide Motion Lab Report

    are moved all the way to the right and the stage is moved all the way back or (flushed) to the front. Turn the light to the lowest light intensity and turn off. Unplug and wrap the cord on the back. If cover is available place over the microscope, now it is properly set back to rest. Lens Designations Briefly describe the information in the numbers on the objective lenses. There are four different numbers on the objective lens for example 40/0.70 and 160/0.16. The 40 is the type of…

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  • Lens Equation Analysis

    The Lens Equation [1] This equation was used in the analysis to find out the focal point of the lens used. This equation can be derived either by using geometry and trigonometry. Figure 1 Ray diagram used to derive the thin lens equation Figure 3 Ray diagram used to derive the thin lens equation In Figure 2 the parallel light ray is shown. Also drawn on are two similar triangles for both triangles the angle shown is the same. This means that the tanθ is the same for each triangle; …

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  • Mini Unit Analysis

    The Name of the Mini-Unit Taller/Wider/Longer Brief Summary of Mini-Unit and highlight Key features This unit encourages students to use measurement wording and counting to compare the attributes of length, width or height of target in a variety of activity situations. The passage from counting all to advanced counting is also supported. The key features during this lesson would be, the way to engage kids during this lesson would be to use interests that they have and incorporate them into…

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  • City Select Stroller Analysis

    Baby Jogger City Select Stroller In Onyx, Silver Frame The City select strollers are the most versatile luxury baby strollers available in the market today. With the new Baby Jogger City Select Stroller In Onyx, Silver Frame, you get a designer stroller with over 16 configurations to meet you family needs and give you total rolling solution beyond your imagination. This stroller is an award winning luxury stroller. It has the ability to transform to a double stroller and thus capable of growing…

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  • The Effect Of Distance On Acceleration Of Motion

    At each height we placed the can at the 1 meter mark, and let go of the can while timing it until it hit the table. We repeated this step 6 times at each height. We took the average time of each height, then squared it, then divided the distance by the squared time, and divided the height by the length. Lastly we divide the distance by squared time by the height by length. For height 1, (2.44 + 1.85 + 1.78 + 2.11 + 2.44 + 2.31)s/6 = 2.16s, (2.16s)2 = 4.67, 1m/4.67s2 = .214m/s2, .1m/1m = .1,…

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  • Tool Mark Investigation Essay

    suspect’s tools that were submitted to the markings that were found on seven (7) items of evidence. In order to determine if a tool that was submitted could have left a particular mark, class characteristics from both the tools and the mark were observed and recorded, as well as compared to one another in order to narrow down the list of potential tools that could have left a tool mark found on a given item of evidence. Some class characteristics that were measured from the tools submitted…

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