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  • Funerary Relief

    The Funerary Relief of No’om was constructed circa 170CE in Roman Palmyra, which is present day Syria. The piece includes two main components, an elaborately dressed human woman and an engraved written inscription. The piece is currently located in the Ackland art museum, in the Ancient Art Section, on the campus of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. The two different elements on the relief are not of equal importance. The woman, who may be No’om, is the focal point of the work. She is the largest aspect of the relief being much grander in scale than the inscription. The representational carving of No’om is also located in the middle of the slab while the inscription is located in the top right. Another difference between the…

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  • Summary Of Masterful Coaching By Robert Hargrove

    Although Hargrove 's emphasis is on facilitating coaching strategies to corporations and teams, his training can be integrated when coaching individuals. Hargrove 's concept of the "transformational coach” objective is to uncover the resourcefully creative skills of the individual. Hargrove is confident that a masterful coach is above all someone who is brave enough to turn a vision into reality. Furthermore, Hargrove outlines the necessary steps that induce the readers to enter the journey of…

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  • Jan Van Eyck Wedding Portrait Analysis

    show in Figure 1, Wedding Portrait, an asymmetrical balance is used in the painting. This means that if the painting were to be cut in half, it would not mirror or reflect itself. There is no rhythm present in Wedding Portrait, because there is no repetition of elements. In Figure 1, nothing seems to be out of proportion or scaled to a different size. The painting does seem to have emphasis and accents, and unity throughout the work. The emphasis in the painting are Giovanni Arnolfini and his…

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  • General Wolfe Nature

    West’s depicting Fig 4.23 The Death of General Wolfe, we are taken back to a specific time in our country’s history and as we move through time artist like John Vanderlyn’s portrayal of Fig 4.52 The Death of Jane McCrea he begins to showcase nature in a less theatrical and more in its natural state than in earlier times. Which, leads to Thomas Cole bring nature center stage depicting nature as divine mystical transcendental experiences, as is noted in Fig 5.38 Kaaterskill Falls. I believe early…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Brian Tracy's 'Focal Point'

    His main goal is to encourage people to seek out their Focal Point. He uses different techniques to argue for his specific process. He uses many different argumentative techniques in order to persuade the audience of the effectiveness of the process. He uses the ethos appeal by establishing himself as a reliable source. Brian Tracy establishes his credibility by providing evidence of how well his process works. He uses anecdotes from people who attended his seminars and used his process to…

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  • Volute Krater Made In Greece: Art Analysis

    For this analysis, the artwork I selected a Volute Krater made in Greece during the 4th century B.C.E. The artist, The Underworld Painter, uses several lines, especially in the temple made for Atlas. The horizontal and vertical lines give the temple definite shape because of the thickness and they signify that a hero who has died, is the focal point on the back of the vase. The artist also uses curved lines at the top of the vase to show the richness of detail and drive the story further. The…

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  • Lens Equation Analysis

    be magnified, real and virtual depending on what lens used and the set-up of the lens system. There are two types of lenses, converging and diverging lenses. Converging lenses cause parallel light rays to converge to a point. Diverging lenses cause parallel light rays to diverge. Typically converging lens are thicker in the middle and diverging lenses are thinner in the middle. Lenses are used for many applications they are used in glasses to correct eyesight, cameras to focus and capture light…

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  • How Does Technology Affect Human Relationships

    In hindsight, it does appear a bit cowardly, but that is the point exactly. It is ok to indulge in these enjoyments; however, it is more difficult to monitor the amount of time that you should spend on these types of things. Once someone invest a certain amount of time into something they genuinely enjoy, they begin to “weigh” that activity in comparison with other things they may consider doing instead of that activity. Naturally, if it is easier to make friends online you will choose to make…

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  • Analysis Of A Pastoral Visit By Richard Norris Brooke

    lower saturated clothes appeared to be dirty showing that their social standing was low. While the pastor’s highly saturated clothing showed that he had a high social standing in their society. This being said it can be said that the pastor was Brooke’s intended focal point of this painting. A focus point is defined as the center of attention. It is clear that the pastor is the focal point of the painting. Not because the painting is titled, “A Pastoral Visit,” but because anything that you look…

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  • Harold Caneaux's Sydney Bridge

    what is deeper in the background. There is a sepia tone in the image and the subject matter being the bridge highlights the cars driving by as they intrigue the audience. The blur of the car in the foreground suggest this photograph was taken with the purpose to capture movement. The negative space created amoungst the cars captures the strong line of the shadows created from the structure of the bridge. It produces a sense of balance as it seems like the architecture of the bridge continues on…

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