Advantages Of Technology Required For E-Commerce

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Technology Required For E-Commerce, By Ismail Esse
What is an E-commerce
• E-commerce is an online shopping system that allows people to shop online for goods and services anywhere in the world and it customers can finalise their purchase by using either a credit card or cash via delivery. The benefits of having e-commerce is that millions of people in the world can access it if they have internet. Businesses use e-commerce because the want to promote their business. This is good for businesses that use E-commerce because many people in the world with internet access can potentially see the website which results to more recognition. Another advantage of E-commerce is that there is 24/7 trading which is good for customers because they can shop anywhere in the world with internet and can buy from a website seven days a week, 24 hours a day.
• Another benefit of businesses using e-commerce is that there is a lot
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Web addresses or URL’s are typed into the web browsers. This tells the browser where to obtain a page from. When typing a web address like into the browser (the web page as a whole), the web server has the web address and the web server is waiting to be obtained instead of it actually being stored on the web server. Web servers have a tool bar, display windows and title bars and it also has scroll down menu bars. There are some examples of specific web browsers which include google chrome, Firefox, internet explorer and opera. The are some special features that google chrome offers that internet explorer can’t offer which is speed. Google chrome id made to be fats in everything possible from searching to switching tabs or any other tasks whether its multitasking or not. It can run complex web applications quickly and its starts up quickly from your

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