The Importance Of My Disney Experience

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We propose to create an interactive application that would act as a medium between Disney Shanghai and a group or an individual. Currently Disney has a great application “My Disney Experience” that helps to promote its parks and plan a fun vacation(“Walt Disney World Resort”). It is imperative to have a partnership with China’s largest social media provider “QQ” to create an experience like no other. QQ as an oldest social networking platform in china with reported 896 million users monthly has the perfect tools needed for social media application to flourish(“Tencent") . My Disney Experience combined with existing QQ infrastructure would provide tools needed for an individual to plan, share, and promote the Disney experience. In return, by implementing the iBeacon type of technology throughout Disney Shanghai parks and the resort a lot of data will be tracked and recorded. This simple correction will slowly improve all aspects of human experience throughout the resort. No more long lines comparing to Hong Kong and France. For example, this data will allow understanding eating, shopping, preferences and many more habits and patterns essentially eliminating obstacles experienced in Hong Kong Disney. On the user end the application will be used as a one-stop shop for all Disney Shanghai needs: sharing pictures, notifying friends, sending messages, sharing locations related to the …show more content…
Each person will have a specific number that is linked to credit card information. Disney will eliminate paper as the primary form of “proof of purchase” thus saving funds for other projects. Tracked date will be used to generate perfect employee scheduling system in turn eliminating unnecessary resource and expenditures. Simple small step to reduce Carbon footprint will become a marketing aspect of Disney campaign for reducing Chinas pollution problem and increasing CSR

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