Jewish Holiday Essay

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To understand why certain things happened in my story must understand I am Jewish. For those who may or not in Judaism we have three pilgrimage holidays Passover, Sukkos, and shavous. In ancient time my ancestors would travel to the holy temple in jerusalem. Now this day all we have left of the Holy Temple is Western wall so we don 't a make a pilgrimage. My story takes place during the time of Passover which falls out in the spring about three years ago. Now passover just so you know is one of, if not our strictis holidays.

My story starts when I came home for vacation and to celebrate the holidays with my family. My dad had told me that his mom was coming to us from Israel and he was her only child. Another thing is my grandmother
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She and her husband had been up scinc SIX AM! cleaning. My dad already left to work befor I woke up so I call and i ask him ”Ta is Savta OCD? I woke up and she cleaning” my father said”yes, it why so hard on with the cleaning”.

Now my savta is that ocd person you wished always come over. She was cleaning every nook and cranny any other person would miss when cleaning, She cleaned what took Meir and I a week to clean in three days for the love of god! but i wasn 't complaining be cause when she was done the house had been cleaner than I could ever remember living there and i live there for about six years or so.

Now passover is seven days long, on the first two night of passover we have ceremonial meal called a Saeder. It’s to remind us that ancestors were slave in egypt and the how they were freed. Throw out the ceremony we drink four cups of wine and bunch of other stuff and then we have a nice meal.

The first night was the first time I had ever celebrated passover with my savta. We went to a friend of our for the first night ceremony had gone by fast which happen a lot on the first night. Our host who is awesome cook made some amazing food. Im also friends with son so, we 're really enjoying our time and we also had some other friends over as

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