Personal Narrative: How Addiction Can Drastically Change One's Life

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Okay, today i want to explain how i began to realize how addiction can drastically change someone 's life and how that it 's not something to take lightly. It all begin on Watson road back in the early 2000’s. Growing up my dad was either in the city of locked in my basement. I vividly remember going down stairs in the basement as a 5 year old seeing hundreds of beer cans scattered around the floor. And that to my memory is where it began. Me and my older brother loved staying at our grandma 's house which is where i started to learn more through elementary school health class that beer was bad for you and i really didn 't understand why my dad drank it if it was bad for him. And then the day came where my dad moved out of my house and my mom not being …show more content…
And around two years of being in this new house my mom met this man whose name i don 't want to say but my dad hated him, not because my mom was happy, but because he wasn 't safe to leave two kids one 8 and one 6 with. He also drank a lot which didn 't help the cause and one night he lashed out at my mom and it was scary because he was drunk and my older brother 15 at this time stepped in and shoved him out the door and since than i haven 't seen him. And than I got this call from my mom one day. I don 't recall how old i was but it was explaining where my dad was. He was in the hospital and immediately i wanted to know for what, how, why and it was alcohol. He was suffering from liver failure. My 40 year old dad suffering from liver failure. Possible death was shocking to me and at this point i knew what was going on and why my mom left my dad and that moment when i was giving my dad the tour of my house that he asked her to get back together and she said no. She said no for us to protect us from the craziness that my dad consisted

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