Narrative Essay On Addiction

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Daelyn Sagert
August 16, 2017
4th period Comp.
Narrative Essay
Everyone has their good and bad moments in life. During the bad, you’re usually making up for a mistake that you made during a good moment in your life. The consequences for your actions will always catch up to you eventually. My dad’s consequences caught up with him after many years of doing something that broke the law. My dad got caught drinking and driving almost four years ago after leaving a Rockies game. Even after being caught he didn’t think he had done anything wrong. When he was 18 he had received two DUIs in a year’s span, which meant that this was his third one. Colorado law on DUIs is that once you get three as a Colorado resident you would have
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At the time, my dad, lived in Colorado but was legally a Wyoming resident which allowed him to get his license suspended for two years and he received work release as a punishment, instead of jail time. He also had to wear an ankle monitor that would make sure he was not consuming any drugs or alcohol at all. The ankle monitor had to be charged every night and had to be wrapped up in a plastic bag anytime he was in water, including the shower. My dad started a business almost 9 years ago, so work release allowed him to continue running it. Work release allows people convicted of a crime to leave for different amounts of time based on what a judge allows, and my dad was allowed to leave from 6:30 in the morning to 5 at night.
Even though everyone else in his life thought he got off pretty easy from what the punishment could’ve been, he didn’t think he was lucky at all. Since he didn’t think he had done anything wrong, he continued to dig himself a deeper hole. He continued to drive after he got out of work release, which only lasted 4 months of his punishment. After driving without a license for almost 10 months he got pulled over for a tail light being out. After the officer found out that he didn’t have a license because it had been revoked, he clearly got a more severe punishment for it. Part of the new punishment was 30 more days of work release and lost his license for a longer amount of
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They installed a breathalyzer in his truck and life continued on. Every single day once he got to go home for two years he had to go to this work release place between 8 in the morning to 6 at night. At this place you either had to take a breathalyzer or you had to take a UA. A UA is a urine analysis, they use it to see if you have anything in your system that the ankle monitor or breathalyzer might not have caught. The breathalyzer is a breath analysis that will catch recent

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