Personal Narrative Essay: The Journey To The US

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In August 2010, I stepped onto United States territory for the first time. My older brother, my mom, and I arrived at the bus station. It was crowded and people were desperately trying to get their luggage. My body felt the heat as soon as we got off the bus. The clouds were removed from the sky and the shiny sun was all by itself. We got our luggage, and we noticed a man walking towards us. The heat waves stopped me from identifying him. As he got closer, I noticed it was my dad. It was the first time I had seen him in a couple of years. We hugged for an eternity. On the way to our house, a whole new environment flourished around me. After a couple minutes, we got to our home, and we could finally rest after the longest trip ever. I knew beforehand, that my mother, my brother, and I …show more content…
Moving was like a clean slate. I left my brother, my sister, a lot of close friends, my hometown, my activities, and a big part of my life behind. A part of my heart is still in that town. The moment I stepped on the bus to the U.S., an enormous sadness filled every corner of my body and all of that sadness came together to form a knot in my throat. It was a fear of the unknown and a big change that was just about to begin. My arrival in the United States came fraught with problems. My lack of knowledge of the language was one of my biggest challenges. Also, I did not know anyone in the United States, except for my family members at home, so it was really hard for me to make new friends. At Kealing Middle School, my very first day of eighth grade was the hardest day of my life. Everything was different: the language, the signs on the walls, the building, the food, the teachers, the classes, and especially the people

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