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  • Tempo Change

    I have always thought that the use of tempo change relayed a very important message. In this song it is not a huge tempo change, like going into half time, but it just goes to show that even five BPMs can greatly change the emotional direction of a song or piece. In this piece the two guitars act as voices in conversation. They go back and forth using call and response, ether playing together or on there own seprit parts. When the tempo change comes in at one minute and ten seconds it helps setup the more somber and gloomy phase of the song. In a way this song is outlining the story of a hero, with its small beginning, huge rise, depressing fall or sad event, and then the second rise back to glory at the end. On the other hand you have the arrangement which is made-up of some interesting instrument combinations. But the instruments that he uses fill the space and do there given job very well, for example the tambourine and the wood Guiro come into the mix to help fill the space during the main body of the piece, but they are not so overpowering that they become the main focal point, they play there point and then fall out with the majority of the other instruments at the tempo change. The bongo drums, synth strings, and ambient vocals help fill up the mix in the same…

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  • Piano Concert Report

    The tempos were listed as follows: allegro moderato, andante con moto, and rondo – vivace. The first two tempos I was aware of from taking the class, and could hear that it went from a faster tempo to a slower tempo. However, the ending I was unaware of the definition of “rondo – vivace,” which I soon discovered was a repetition (comparing to a refrain) and was vivacious. The first movement, allegro moderato, began with solely Hsing-ay Hsu playing, and Madoka Asari joined after a few measures.…

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  • Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band Concert Report

    It began very calm and quiet with just one singer singing and then it turned into where all the other band members began to sing and the tempo picked up. As all of the singers sang, the electric guitar was played and it contained a wide range with loud, electrifying sounds that helped pick up the pace of the song. The drums kept a constant beat throughout the song, and as the tempo picked up, they too started to play faster and kept up with the overall pace. A little while as everything is…

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  • Reflection On The Mariachi Fuego Concert

    Sound is the result of vibrations in the air set by the motion of an instrument or a body movement. In this case of the concert, the sound in the Mariachi Fuego piece had its distinctive sounds with the high pitch of the performer in the background of one piece and lowness of the singer in the first piece. Specifically, the singer sung in a medium to low pitch and was accompanied by different instruments who also sung to accompany him in harmony at specific times. The second piece, Cordoba, had…

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  • Hannah Howland Ballade Analysis

    She took her position in the front of the hall and then began to play her second and only piece from the Modern Era, Eugene Ysayë’s Sonata No. 3 Opus 27, “Ballade.” The piece began in the tempo of lento molto, but the tempo sped up significantly by the end of the movement Ballade. The movement open with an ascending chromatic run, with a close harmony being played that ended up creating dissonance, and thus tension. A change in tempo follows soon after, with the melody modulating to a higher…

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  • Orchestra Concert Review

    and or Pink Panther like melodies. The Symphony is originally composed of four parts; moderato, allegretto, largo and allegro. The beginning of the concert opens slowly with emotions running deep and meaningful with short tempo spikes to surprise and evoke nervousness, then bring you back to your seat in forgiving consonant intervals. A piano, French horns and trumpets bring a dark concerned, uneasy feeling of urgency as the violins and basses run away with the tempo. Symbols and drums take me…

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  • Concerto No. 1: Concert Analysis

    that indicates the piano player to play the piece majestically, and Adagio is a tempo indication which means to play in a calm matter and somewhat slowly. Rondo is a piece of music that consists…

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  • Reflection On Brunel Music Rating Exercise

    However, my running speed altered because the underlying beats were different for me between different parts of the song. In the opening part, I counted it as simple meters and in the climax, I counted it as duple meters. As the parts were repeating in the song, the two kinds of beats kept alternating which regulated my running patterns throughout the song. As Terry and Karageorghis (2006) indicated, we respond to the rhythmical qualities of music by synchronising our movements to tempo, which…

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  • Holiday Concert Report Sample

    including, Holiday Overture, The Christmas Waltz (1954), Bassoon It Will Be Christmas, Sleigh Ride (1946), Santa Baby (1953), White Christmas (1942), The Christmas Song (1945), and Stille Nacht (1984). Towards the end of the concert there were several sing-a-long songs that the audience could participate in, including Jingle Bells, Hark the Herald Angels Sing, Silent Night, Winter Wonderland, Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, Deck the Halls, and Joy to the World. My favorite composition on the…

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  • Girl Monologue

    “His tempo is off,” Sara mutters quietly to herself. It is minutes away until Sara herself will be in the same position as the boy with the off tempo. Sara is worried. She is afraid that with all her nerves of performing in front of the massive crowd, her shakes and trembles will hinder her performance, or even worse, destroy her performance. “I will be alright,” Sara says softly, “I am simply here once more to share the world my music.” Sara pauses for a moment. “My emotions.” As Sara looks…

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