The Consequences Of Distracted Driving

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Have you ever picked up your phone while driving or have you ever seen your parents use their phone while driving? Distracted driving is very dangerous it can lead to many avoidable situations. Their are also laws about distracted driving, but people still break all those laws without thinking of the consequences. Their isn’t just one type of distracted driving, but there are many, and not everyone is interested in learning of them when they could save you from getting tickets. After much research I think distracted driving is a very big problem that causes pain to many people. In this century distracted driving is a very big problem. Distracted driving is very dangerous because, a study shows that nearly 1.6 million crashes happen each …show more content…
A study showed that 1053 crashes were caused emergency drivers. If you plan on answering your phone to check if it is an emergency pull off the road because even picking up your phone distracts you and can make you cause an accident and just pulling to the side of the road can save you from crashing. Some even say that because technology has advanced distracted driving isn’t a problem. Based on a poll about if cars came set with phone blocking setting, 55% of the people said they would leave the setting on and 24% said they would turn it off. So that 24% could cause deaths, crashes and injuries. All those updates and advances in aren’t in everyone’s budget and not everyone can get them or has them so using your phone isn’t worth taking all those risks.

As you now know, distracted driving is a very big risk to take. Distracted driving is dangerous and leads to many deaths and all those laws are there to protect you, but people just don’t follow them also all those types of distraction are equally just as dangerous as texting while driving. This topic is very controversial because not everyone agrees, but all those risks you take while driving can be avoided and not using your phone while driving can save lives. People should be safer while driving because it can have a good outcome and the roads can be easier and safer to drive

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