Judith Cofer Ortiz's Short Story, Abuela Invents The Zero

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Do you know what defines you? A moral compass is used in

reference to a person’s ability to judge what is right and wrong and act

accordingly. A moral compass tells you what is right and wrong. There are

people that will judge you based on a single issue. They judge you to see if

your moral compass is good or bad. Tupac, Louis Zamperini, and Constancia

each had moments that challenged them to change their moral compass.

Louis was able to become a better person by overcoming all the

challenges in his life. When Louis was younger,he used to get bullied. “His

peers mocked his Italian accent, and got hit, kicked, and thrown stones at him

to get him to curse in his parents’ native language- an outburst which would
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Every single one of those life-

experiences helped shape Tupac’s values for the best.

In Judith Cofer Ortiz’s short story “Abuela Invents the Zero,”Constancia

experiences a life-defining moment. Some people believe that she felt bad for

making her grandma “feel like a zero,” so she will be a nicer person. Others

believe that she will not change. In my opinion, I strongly believe she will not

change because of her experiences have a impact on her traits and values. In

the text, she says “Why wouldn’t I be nice? I’m not a monster, after all.”(259,

paragraph 2) This quote proves that Constancia will not change because at

the beginning of the story, she thought she was already a nice person, but her

actions showed that she clearly wasn’t. Sometimes we can’t trust a 1st person

narrator. She strongly dislikes her grandma and doesn’t want to be next to her.

For instance, “I try to walk far behind them in public so that no one will think

we’re together.”(260 paragraph 4) This proves that Constancia is getting

embarrassed because does she even care for her abuela. She will change for

the worst because her actions clearly show that she will not change at all.

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