The Theme Of Seedfolks By Paul Fleischman

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The theme for my storyboard for the book Seedfolks by Paul Fleischman was about helping out in the community that you are in. I picked this theme because in Seedfolks all of the characters put in effort to help make the garden a better place. All of the characters had something against someone but they get involved in the garden because the either notice how the garden community were kind and helpful or they were forced to go by someone who thinks the garden will help their problems.
The Character Sae Young is the main character in my storyboard. Sae Young worked in a laundromat, but one day at work a man came in with a gun under his coat and beat up Sae Young and she passed out because he kicked her really hard. She was afraid of people
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Maricela had a hard life because she was a pregnant 16 year old girl. She didn’t want the baby but her parents did Marcela wanted a miscarriage. Another character, Penny, helped Marcela by getting her to go to the garden everyday, Penny wanted her to go because growing plants is like raising a baby and she hoped that Marcela would understand that and she did. Marcela liked the people and she wanted the baby because the plants made her happy, “I stared at the squash plants. It was a world in there. It seemed like I could actually see the leaves and flowers growing and changing.” I used Marcela as an example because she was first angry and disgraceful before she got into the garden but when she did she was graceful and she didn’t have bad vibes she had good …show more content…
Amir had a problem of stereotyping about people in other countries. When he saw the garden when he was walking he came across a vacant lot with people gardening and the tall beautiful plants he decided to plant his own plant. While working there he notices that all of the gardeners are from different countries, he notices how nice they are and how they are way different than he thought they were, instead of all of the awful actions that Amir thought they would do like racism they did the opposite instead they actually help each other and they were kind. Amir’s attitude towards them changed into a positive attitude. My storyboard had a lot of great examples and had a positive

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