Film Techniques In Gone With The Wind

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1. Summary: The film Gone with the Wind starts before the outbreak of the American Civil War, Scarlett lives at Tara with her parents and two sisters. She finds out Ashley, the man she loves, is engaged to Melanie. She decides to reveal her feeling to him in private, but he rejects her by pointing out their incompatibility. To her surprise, there is a third person present, Rhett Butler, who have heard all the conversation between them and her confession to him. Scarlett is irritated and starts to despise him from their first meeting. The war soon starts, Scarlett agrees to the proposal of another man who she doesn 't love in order to make Ashley jealous and marries him before he leaves to fight. Tragically, that man dies while serving in …show more content…
Cinematography: ①The movie Gone With the Wind uses the objective point of view. It directs the attention of audiences by building in the frame within which the action will occur.② Camera framing: Some shots like ❶Close-up shots are used at the scene, which after Scarlett accepts the proposal of a man who she doesn 't love in order to make Ashley jealous and her face is zoomed in when she shows a sad reaction while watching Ashley and Melanie are kissing goodbye.❷ The establishing shot are also used at the scene, which a lot of wounded soldiers are displayed in a public plaza in long shot when Scarlett tried to find a doctors for Melanie. It emphasizes the tragedy of the Civil War. Moreover, ❸the two shot and three shot can be commonly seen in the movie. ❹ Low angle: during the chaos in Atlanta and high angle can also be seen in the film to strengthen and weaken the characters in the …show more content…
Personal reaction: Over a long period of my childhood, Gone with the wind had been my favorite movie. I watched it every week before I left home to my boarding school. So every time the movie played the part which Rhett left Scarlett weeping on the floor, I felt the fear because I know my departure was also going to come. It 's hard to say what kind of enlightenment this movie had given to me since I was too young to understand some deep meanings and elements in this movie. All I know was that Scarlett loses the one she really loves and it made me cry every time when I saw Rhett left Scarlett alone in the end. However, this is my first time reviewing Gone with the Wind since I have grown up. And I am shocked by her firmness and strong will. She is really encountering many difficulties and tragedies in her life. But each time, no matter how desperate and how enormous the sorrow she feels, she can still get up and fight.
She has such a powerful mind and courage, which even the war and chaos cannot break to pieces. The scene that she makes a vow of never getting starve again and her figure in the red clouds were stayed in my mind forever. Her vitality and survival ability is as tenacious and tough as the oaks. Whenever I see her, there is always hope in life no matter what kind of difficulties

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