Personal Narrative: Weightlifting Competition

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I took the elevator down to the lobby to get breakfast then go back up to my room and watch TV. The food choices are lame considering this is a star hotel in Los Angeles and in the hills overlooking the city. I was watching TV then, this advertisement and came across the screen and said come out to Venice Beach to watch the 25 annual weightlifting competition. I was very curious about this competition and gave them a call.
“ Good morning this is mike hosting the 25th annual weightlifting competition in Venice Beach, California on saturday.” Mike said.
“Hi I’m calling to see if I could still come and join this weight lifting competition that is this saturday in Venice Beach, California.” I asked Mike.
“Yes there is one more spot open to first
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There is one day between now and the weightlifting competition and I still need to get back home to New York City. I took the elevator back down to the lobby and ran into a room full of laptops. I go into the computer lab and look up Lax airport so I can get a plane ticket back home. Looking at all of these outrageous prices for one flight and it's a one way flight. I look at southwest and they were the cheapest out of all of the other airlines. But there's one problem this 10,000 dollars in have in a duffle bag. And I flying back to New York City on sunday night, since the cheapest flight was a red eye flight.
I forgot to say one thing about me I have my own company and I am a quite wealthy person to the looks of things from New York City then Los Angeles. The money was in a duffle bag and I stole it from a safe in a gas station earlier this week. I don’t know what to do with it. I left the elevator and I left the hotel with 500 dollars and took a cab to the fashion district. I left the rest of the money in the hotel, but on in the open in the ceiling of my room. Third panel from the door. The cab ride reminded me of being back home but I need to get some new clothes so I don't look like federal

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