Drury Lane

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  • Humor In Oscar Wilde's The Importance Of Being Earnes

    manner as he was fully conscious that his audience consisted of upper class Victorians. Throughout the play, Oscar Wilde articulately trivializes particular values which are supposed to be important in Victorian society, such as marriage and aristocracy, through the use of witty paradoxes and epigrams. Wilde's intentions were to make society think more profoundly and to make them more cognizant of serious matters in life, which should be treated with sincerity and the trivial things with seriousness. Therefore, Oscar Wilde's use of subtitle is not completely appropriate. One of the values which are satirized by Oscar Wilde is aristocracy. As with the rest of the play, Act 1 is closely constructed and the opening exchanges between Algernon and Lane establishes the tone of the play: light-hearted, witty yet beyond the reach of orthodox morality. From the opening act it is evident that Algernon's relationship with…

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  • Crime Scene Report Examples

    saw HCSO deputies had the westbound lanes of Fletcher Avenue closed to traffic between 20th Street and 19th Street, with a smaller area cordoned off with yellow crime scene tape. Looking at the roadway inside the crime scene tape, I saw several pieces of clear…

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  • Nelsonville Bypass Project Case Study

    19,000 per day, accidents are bound to happen. Route 33 motorists may not be pleased with having to go through a small southeastern Ohio town and may drive more aggressively thus creating the potential for dangerous situations. Also, the amount of drivers on that stretch of road deteriorates the road at a much faster rate than if it just were Nelsonville residents driving. This causes the need for more repairs, and more frequent repairs. This in turn causes more traffic congestion, with the need…

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  • Roadways Of The Future Essay

    cars will be able to decrease the rate of accidents with programs that will collect information given off by the smart car and smart road and use it to create safety alerts and warnings. A program that is being developed with this kind of purpose is called IntelliDrive. Intellidrive is going “to create interoperable connectivity among vehicles, infrastructure, and passengers’ wireless devices” (Row). Intellidrive will be able to create an interconnection between both the smart car and smart road…

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  • Sheldon Road Crash Scene

    crash scene and upon arrival at approximately 2323 hours, I was assigned to forensically map the scene. The intersection of Redwood Boulevard and the southbound lanes of Sheldon Road had been closed to vehicular and pedestrian traffic with crime scene tape and marked patrol vehicles. I then met with Cpl. L. Rivera and Det. Parsons, who advised of the circumstances of the incident and what occurred. I forensically mapped the crash scene using a Sokkia Total Station. (Serial #: 147397) The…

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  • Example Of Bikig Speech

    I live in portland. The city has transformed a lot over the years. Biking is the new norm in, and if you don’t bike what is the point of living in portland. Bikers are vehicles now and they have same sized lanes as the cars. They have their own special traffic lights and have all the advantages of a car plus the perks of a pedestrian. Though I have lived here all my life I am still not used to them riding all over the streets. They still seem to fill me with anger. I don’t like bikers they…

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  • The Routes Of M Travels In The Paved World Analysis

    Driving Clubs. Group trips are organized for the new driving class and they travel in a pack to different destinations in China. Conover thought this sounded like a great idea and found a club in Beijing that would welcome him as a passenger. On this journey he brought along a translator name Li Lu. The trip allowed Conover to see how the country is developing in relation to the rest of the world. In the major cities the roads are hectic because of the increase in car sales and in the rural…

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  • Effects Of Bad Habits Of Drivers Essay

    Distracted Driving Today’s drivers have developed bad habits that can cause accidents or even fatal crashes. The road is shared by all different types of drivers including senior citizens and young people, foreign drivers and drivers with no licenses. All these people have different skills, behaviors and moods. In fact, many young drivers do not care about other people on the road and do not realize the real danger of their bad habits. For example, cars are switching from one lane to the other…

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  • Admissions Essay: A Long Road To Junction Highway

    had countless long talks in the car about life, boys, school, and everything imaginable. My mother also taught me how to drive for the first time on this road, and inflicted upon me all of the lessons I needed and more in order for me to grow up to be the person I am today. On Junction Highway, I've had countless sleepy Sunday morning car rides to Church with my family. I have also spent many Monday evenings learning about Jesus with my friends at our local Young life house. In my community I…

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  • Driving Without Using Turn Signals

    person, then he decides to turn right off of the road but he didn’t use his turn signal so I almost knocked into him. I hate when people drive without using turn signals, go under the speed limit, and have their brights on. Driving without using turn signals really grinds my gears. Driving without using turn signals really grinds my gears. When the person in front of you is coming up on a turn and they start to slow down their speed to make the turn into a new lane or to get onto a new road…

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