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  • The Asian Elephants

    Asian Elephant The Asian Elephant (Elephas maximus) is largest land mammal on Earth, slightly smaller than its cousin the African Elephant. The Asian elephant is considered to the a single species, Elephas maximus with four subspecies, these include the “E.m. hirsute (Malaylan elephant), E.m. indicus (Indian elephant), E.m. maximus (Sri Lankan elephant), and E.m. sumatranus ( Sumatran elephant) (Asian Elephants, n.d). Asian Elephants have been domesticated for thousands of years doing hard labor. Additionally, elephant-like animals have roamed the Earth for the past 55 million years. Today, the last remaining members of the order Proboscideal remain: the Asian elephant and the African elephant. It is believed the mammoth and the American…

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  • Importance Of Asian Elephants

    Elephants are most known for being seen in zoos, circus, and tourist attractions. What most people do not realize is the abuse done to elephants to keep them behaving this way. Asian elephants are one of the two existing elephant species on earth, with African elephants being the other. Asian elephants are often referred to as Indian elephants as well, which are actually a subspecies of the Asian elephant. Asian elephants are most known in India for being a sacred religious animal. Projects in…

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  • Asian Elephant Herding

    1. The first domesticated Asian Elephant (Elephas maximus) was thought to have come from India during the Indus Valley Civilization between 3300 BCE and 1700 BCE (Sukumar, 1989). During the earlier periods of the Indus Valley Civilization is it thought that the civilization lived close to the habitat of the Asian Elephant, but through the expansion of the civilization, the habitat of the elephant was reduced leading to more exposure to human. Early human have known to capture elephants for…

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  • African Elephants Vs Asian Elephants Essay

    Elephants are the largest land animals in the world that are strong and gentle. Thousands of years ago, large like animals called American mastodons and woolly mammoths roamed the Earth. These ancient relatives of the elephants are now extinct. Between 26 and 12 million years ago there were about 350 distinct species of elephants now only two species remain. Those two species are African (Loxodonta africana) and Asian Elephants (Elephas maximus). (Allen, W. R. Philosophical Transactions of the…

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  • 'World Of Nature: Plight Of The Asian Elephant'

    Students Pencils Writing paper Lesson Implementation Activating Strategy Students will watch a video titled “World of Nature: Plight of the Asian Elephant” using the website…

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  • Animal Cruelty In Seaworld

    Robert Huber, and Donald E. III Moore in “The Effects of Housing on Zoo Elephant Behavior: A Quantitative Case Study of Diurnal and Seasonal Variation” an eighteen-month study in 2008, of each zoo in the United Kingdom, revealed several negative indicators of obesity and lameness in elephants. Furthermore, elephants are not pressured to search out their own food and water in captivity because of the food and water they are given causing them to become weak in their legs and gain a substantial…

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  • Elephants Are Large Land Animals

    Elephants are large land animals that roam these lands. These majestic creatures that could use your help. Learn more in this informational article. Elephants are the largest land animals in the world. They use their ears as fans. When they wave their ears it cools them off. Another thing cools them off is taking a bath. Elephants take baths in water and in mud. The elephants suck water or mud into their trunk and then spray it onto their backs. Sometimes they spray others from their parade.…

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  • Elephant Autobiography

    Standing majestically on a huge rock, an enormous 8 feet pygmy elephant bull with his long tail, straight ivory tusk and wide ear but shorter trunk than the typical Asian elephant, he stood on his hind leg and gave a loud trumpeting call. He was the leader of the herd and also my father. We had had been walking for few days now. My previous home, acres of lush green pastures with valleys of huge beautiful shady trees and a wide clear and cool river had been intruded. Few days ago, humans…

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  • Elephant Matriarchs

    tribe,” but does it go beyond the title in elephants? Throughout history, elephants have stood as symbols as strength, wisdom and longevity. Demanding respect with their majestic frames, roaming in families that sometimes span three or more generations, Elephants are nothing but regal. Different species have diverse ways of caring of their young, but the elephant is the peak of captivation in their maternal characteristics. From the differences in the sexes of calves and their connection with…

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  • Facts On Elephants

    5. Elephants Elephants are considered one of the most intelligent animals on earth. It is believed that their intelligence stems from the fact that the neocortex portion of their brain is highly convoluted, which makes it similar to the brains of humans and apes. It has recently been discovered that some African elephants may warn one another about the presence of humans with a specific ‘word.’ They accomplish this by manipulating their vocal tract. They also have a ‘word’ to warn one another…

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