Importance Of Asian Elephants

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Elephants are most known for being seen in zoos, circus, and tourist attractions. What most people do not realize is the abuse done to elephants to keep them behaving this way. Asian elephants are one of the two existing elephant species on earth, with African elephants being the other. Asian elephants are often referred to as Indian elephants as well, which are actually a subspecies of the Asian elephant. Asian elephants are most known in India for being a sacred religious animal. Projects in India sums it up stating “More than half of the world’s wild Asian elephants are found in India, with an estimated population of 26,000 — 28,000. They have benefited from great cultural and mythological importance in the country’s history” (Elephant Family). Asian elephants are most known in India for being a sacred religious animal. The reason for elephants having such an important role is due to how elephants are viewed in Hinduism, which is India’s biggest religion. Authors Aslam, Bukhari and M.F. state, In Hindu mythology, one [elephant] acts as the custom vehicle of Lord Indra who is considered as the God of heaven and additionally Ganesha was offered his head by the elephant when he was once beheaded by his own angry father. Hence the elephant has the …show more content…
These animals are given jobs in India and are not being treated fairly in return for the services they do. Elephants can be found working as healers, entertainers, and as decorations. When elephants are not as needed anymore, they are simply put away like objects and are forgotten often being kept in inhumane conditions. When elephants are “stored” they are kept in small spaces relative to their huge body size. They are often kept chained and are forced to eat, sleep, stand, sit, drink and defecate in one small area every day. These are unfair and unfavorable conditions for such an important

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