Asian Elephant Herding

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1. The first domesticated Asian Elephant (Elephas maximus) was thought to have come from India during the Indus Valley Civilization between 3300 BCE and 1700 BCE (Sukumar, 1989). During the earlier periods of the Indus Valley Civilization is it thought that the civilization lived close to the habitat of the Asian Elephant, but through the expansion of the civilization, the habitat of the elephant was reduced leading to more exposure to human. Early human have known to capture elephants for their meat, ivory, and pelt, but due to exposure to the civilization, taming and training of elephants became an art that is cherished in the society (S.S. Bist, J.V. Cheeran, S. Choudhury, P. Barua, & M.K. Misra, 2002). There are ancient texts from the …show more content…
Sheep dogs have a tendency to display herding behaviours as their herding instinct, as they have a tendency to herd other small animals and children, without proper training, this behaviour could become problematic. Herding is a behaviour that animals display to bring a group of animals together and to move and maintain the group. Herding may be have been of benefit in the wild as wolves and wild dogs hunt in packs, herding and chasing an animal to cut off their escape route. This behaviour may allow more prey to be captured and consumed thus increases dogs’ ability to survive in the wild by increasing their energy intake per day. Humans could have breed sheep dogs for this behaviour as they are required to herd large groups of animals. To get the traits needed for the sheep dogs, humans will have to breed for a selected trait as the breed the dogs with more favourable traits with each other and discard the ones that do not. The act of selective breeding will accelerate the speed of evolution in the dogs, causing a rise of a new dog breed in only a few generations. The traits breeders select for in sheep dog would be the display of herding behaviours as it is useful in farm works and herding animals. Adrenalin plays a big role in the display of this behaviour in sheep dogs as the hormone increases the dog’s play and prey drive, the play and prey drive is what causes the herding behaviours in dogs. Training is required to control the herding behaviours in sheep dog as it would develop into a problematic behaviour. The training of a sheep dog usually starts when a pup is six weeks old starting with basic commands then advances into skills needed to

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