Examples Of Imperialism In Shooting An Elephant

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In the essays written by Orwell, Douglass, Obama, and Wong, the political domination of imperialism and stereotypes is discussed by a colonial police officer himself and a person of skin color and a different race. Regardless of the era, many people have experienced the pangs of being an outsider. Considering the fact society plays a crucial role on how you think and view yourself, it is nearly impossible to control society 's point of view. Even though all four author 's revelations are significant, Obama and Wong 's speech pertains to today because boys and girls still face racial slurs.

In “Shooting An Elephant,” Orwell narrates an incident he encounters as a colonial police officer in Moulmein, Burma. The event involves a rogue elephant and a choice Orwell must make of whether or not to shoot the elephant. Since Orwell lived during the imperialism era, to sustain order, force must be taken. Subconsciously, Orwell did not want to kill an animal, but towards the end of the story, he does. Based on Orwell’s work, this story is essential because it reflects inner conflict everyone faces regarding a moral dilemma that tests our faith. In the same way that Orwell dismisses his belief for his pride, it is what humans do.
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In Douglass’ time, many slaves always believed they deserved the right to be literate. With Douglass living with his master for seven years, he already knew the alphabet. Though, to achieve his cognitive goal of learning to read and write, he manipulates the white boys in his neighborhood to give him lessons in exchange for bread. His ploy persists till the beginning and past of the abolitionist

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