To Shooting An Elephant Analysis

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In this story Elephant, is about a man out of his natural region and out of place in a different country with different ethnicities. In this story there was a man who was peer pressured to kill an Elephant who wasn’t being destructive anymore. The man who was pressured to kill this animal was pressured even though the elephant wasn’t in musk anymore. The three main messages in this story's is that he has no real intentions to kill an elephant, this story suggests that we sometimes do things we don't plan on doing, and finally we don't always appreciate what we're going threw. One of the first messages in “To shoot an elephant” is that in life sometimes we do things that we don't necessarily want to do. In our story, there's a man who is visiting another country and word has gotten around that their is a wild male elephant that is in Musk. What that means is that the male is in heat, and when this animal is in this “musk” they get very dangerous and can be very deadly because of how big they are. In shooting an …show more content…
Within this story that happened. This foreign man to the county they were in was pressured to shoot a elephant, but it was hard for him because when he seen the elephant it wasn’t causing damage, it was out of his musk, but he still felt the need that he was going to have to shoot it because of the crowd of people that was behind him. In this story, Orwell quotes, “It was perfectly clear to me what I ought to do.” and what he means is that he was going to walk so close to the elep[hat that was in musk to just test the behavior and to tell if it was going to react violently or if it was going to react at all. But the elephant didn’t react at all, but he had the weight on his shoulders because there was a crowd of people watching him this whole time which made fall under the peer pressure and shoot the elephant even though it was harming

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