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  • Assassin's Creed

    We all wanted to be a Captain of our own ship sailing the Seven Seas, well now you can Me-Hearties!!! My brother was the one who told me about Assassin 's Creed Black Flag, I wasn 't sure about it because when I played the first Assassin 's Creed it wasn 't really my type of game and quite repetitive, also I prefer open world, 3rd person games. After seeing a few YouTube videos I decided to buy and give it a go. I have only just completed the game 100 percent after many years of owning the game. I would have finished it sooner but ran into a few problems in the past. Being a computer tech I like to regularly update my PC as technology advances. As people probably know steam saves a lot of your games on steam cloud so you don 't have to worry…

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  • Assassin's Creed Reflection

    Assassin's Creed Unity is the newest installment and the popular Assassin's Creed franchise. I'm here to tell you guys my full thoughts on this game. It may not be entirely finished in this game. You play as Arno who's basically the Spider-man of the French Revolution, that's right. He's extremely good at modern-day parkour, he can do just about anything. He can jump off a building and land directly on a rope I mean this guy is basically, he's a god and you play as him throughout this game, as…

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  • Plato Assassin's Greed

    Reading Report II “Nothing is true, everything is permitted.” This is the great philosophy of the Assassin’s Order in Ubisoft’s critically acclaimed video game series, Assassin’s Creed. It quickly amassed a large following due to its stunning visuals, advanced game engine, and controversial Da Vinci Code-esk narrative. Like many works of historical fiction, this narrative revolves around the revelation of a grand truth. In the game, an organization called Abstergo Industries discovers that any…

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  • African American Movie

    The numerous captures of Stede Bonnet. As well the relationship between the Spanish and British. The common trend with the Animal crossing, spore, Bully and the McDonald game plus the virtual villager and assassin creeds games is that they utilize their rhetoric for the entertainment of the game. In a way m saying their subtle in their pedagogy, Sum are more direct for example “Where’s Carmen San Diego” demands players to learn geography for progression and Nintendo’s Brain Training series,…

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  • Schism In Christianity

    Necessitated by the three way schism within Arianism, Basil the Great and the Cappadocian Fathers further developed the Nicene Creed to attract the more moderate Arians, as well as answer the heresies of Macedonianism. The Fathers distinguished the persons of Father, Son, and Spirit, separate from the substance of the Godhead. “It sanctioned the theology of the Neo-Nicenes, confessed that the Spirit, too, was homoousios, and thus apparently enlarged the Nicene symbol…” (Margull, p.…

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  • The Apostles Creed Analysis

    This essay will address the question, what is a Creed and why did the Church feel the need to produce them? To begin with the essay will define a Creed, later providing context as to why they were. Furthermore, the essay will explain and explore numerous avenues for the Church initiating the creation of Creeds, issues, Church identity, theology, evangelism, ecclesiology, and politics. A Creed has been described as an expression that elaborates on essential Biblical truths, with an attempt to…

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  • Eastern And Western Monasticism

    around the trinity and religious devotion surrounding the monastics. One of the most reoccurring issues in Christianity was distinguishing whether Jesus was truly God and whether he had both a human or divine nature. The recurring issue would, later be identified as the Trinity. The controversy concerning the Trinity was first referenced in 325A.D., at the first ecumenical council of Nicaea. The council of Nicaea set out to assemble a universal Christian doctrine, which resulted in the Nicene…

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  • Field Observation Report Sample

    The Gospel reading was read by one of the priests from what appeared to be a special Bible with thin pages. Next, there was a short homily given by one of the priest. It was the shortest reflection I had ever heard, lasting only about five minutes. The Priest spoke in a hurried fashion about an awkward family dinner he attended. Soon, there was a murmur of “Amen” from the congregation and we were onto the next service element. The Priest led the congregation in the Profession of Faith printed…

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  • Early Church History Research Paper

    For the majority of my life, I attended a non-denominational church, where we welcome all types of backgrounds and different combinations of Christian beliefs. Our church does not recite any historical creeds, but we do state our confessions. Alike, most Christians, we believe that God is the Father, Jesus is the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Christology can compare with Nicene orthodoxy because it is based on the study of Christ. I can agree with the Nicene Creed because I believe that the aspects…

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  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Ubisoft

    The business I have chosen to examine is Ubisoft. Ubisoft is a French video game company which established in 1985, and now becomes one of the biggest video games company around the world. Like some of the other companies, at the first stage, Ubisoft did not have a lot of good games, until, in 2007, they published Assassin’s Creed. This game also started a new age in the game industry, until September 2016, they sold more than one hundred million copies of this game series, and make this game…

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