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  • Theme Of Faith In Narnia

    In Narnia, as in the Bible, grace is linked to faith. One cannot acquire forgiveness on their own. His own sin is too great and the divine sovereign is too honest for self-justification. One cannot change themselves either. Sinfulness is to grand to overcome on ones’ own. There are some things only Aslan can do, and the only proper human response to these things is faith. As the Beavers in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe tell Peter, it is no good trying to save Mr. Tumnus from the White Witch themselves: "It 's no good, Son of Adam . . . no good your trying... But now that Aslan is on the move... He 'll settle the White Queen all right. It is he, not you, that will save Mr. Tumnus" (73-74). A fantastic example of grace is illustrated in The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. Eustace, the Pevensie children’s…

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  • Summary Of The Chronicles Of Narni The Lion, And The Wardrobe

    children were living in London during the war, they were sent to the countryside of England. The house that they move into is owned by an old professor and resembles a castle. The book enters into its full splendor when Lucy, the youngest child, steps into a wardrobe while playing hide and seek with her siblings. She moves further back into the wardrobe and falls into snow. This new place is called Narnia where it is “always winter but never Christmas.” In Narnia the only way that it will become…

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  • Symbolism In Lewis's The Lion, The Witch, And The Wardrobe

    Witch, and the Wardrobe, Lewis utilizes a myriad of components, or symbols, to create an allegory of Christianity. These components suggest Lewis was crafting this story to convey Christian concepts. Examples of religious symbolism include Aslan, the stone table, the beavers underlying characteristics, the children’s “title”, and even the White Witch. Aslan is a character who strongly resembles Jesus Christ. Within the first few chapters, the fawn and the beavers speak of Aslan as though he…

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  • Good And Evil In The Lion, The Witch And The Wardrobe

    “it is you Telmarines who silenced the bests and the trees and the fountains, who killed and drove away the Dwarfs and the Fauns, and are now trying to cover up even the memory of them.” Peter, Susan, Edmund and Lucy called to help by Prince Caspian. There was almost a moment were Jadis was to be summoned but the people who sought to summon her were stopped before anything could happen. This time Peter defeats the evil King and Caspian is given the crown. Aslan also comes into save the day in…

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  • Out Of All The Pevensie Analysis

    After the great battle, Lucy had found that her brother Edmund had been slain. She ran to his side and administered some of her elixir to him. She then stayed and waited to see if he would become better. At this point, Aslan had to strongly encourage her to help all the others in need of health. Reluctantly, she obeyed because she believed in Aslan when he encouraged her to do the right thing. To give another example of her faith, throughout the entirety of the story, Lucy is the only child with…

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  • Chronicles Of Narnia Themes

    themes are Aslan, the seven deadly sins, the Devil, and the representation of other religions. These themes play a large role in each of the books and are represented differently throughout the series. All of these themes tie into Christianity and represent different aspects of this complex religion. The main goal of The Chronicles of Narnia is to represent Christianity in a way that children can understand. Lewis creates Aslan as a representation of Christ and demonstrates Christian ideas in…

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  • Lion Of Judah Analysis

    the reader’s mind to show that God was with him and that prosperous times were coming. John uses the image to show Jesus as king. Lion imagery was especially prevalent throughout the Roman Empire. John’s reader would be very accustomed to viewing lions as rulers. Even though Christ is seen as a lamb, he is recognized as a lion. A Comparable Modern Image & Contemporary Application There are hundreds of images today that still use the lion imagery as king or savior. King Arthur, the…

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  • Personal Narrative: How Narnia Changed My Life

    Peter leading the way for the others. I often took beatings for my sisters; they could not handle what I could. I was accustomed to being the strong one. I often fought battles for them to protect them. I was always taught not to surrender so I would fight to the death for something that was important to me. Aslan represented my father. I could not believe the White Witch had killed Aslan. I almost thought my mother had really killed my father. I felt safe when he was around. He seemed like the…

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  • Narnia Aslan A Christ Figure Analysis

    Throughout the Chronicles of Narnia, Aslan was the most influential and notable character. He shares many of the same characteristics and actions of Jesus Christ. For example, he was hailed as king of narnians and Jesus was the king of Jews. In the Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian, Aslan turns a well of water to wine just like Jesus turned water to wine for his disciples. Aslan also helps the children (Peter, Edmund, Susan, and Lucy) feel welcomed into their new world that they had…

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  • Analysis Of Aslan As Jesus By C. S. Lewis

    very passionate about the relationship between God and man. Although it was not Lewis’ original intent to write about Aslan as Jesus, there are many similarities between the two and one can find many parallels between the character of Aslan and how the Christian Bible describes Jesus. When reading through several books in the Narnia series,…

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