Narrative Essay About Narnia

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When Lucy stepped through the wardrobe and into Narnia, it changed my life. It was the moment I realized that as difficult as things may seem there is the possibility of magic and something bigger just beyond the door. My life changed at that moment. I had found freedom to be the little girl I was, if only in my imagination. It was more than I had ever known.
Screaming and fighting always seemed to be going on at my house. My dad was a heroin addict and Mom was a rage addict. Everyday there seemed to be a fight. I had watched my mom hit my dad in the head with frying pan, try to run him over with a car, or push him out of a two story window. This is only a few of the incidents that I remember. My dad was no angel; he screamed and threw things.
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On the outside the title was in purple, author’s name above it in black, two enormous gold doors opened with children who looked lost and confused walking through them, a long row of trees on both sides of the door, blankets of off-white snow, a mysterious castle far off in the distance, the moon shinning down, with an old arch of stars. The cover reminded me of the time my mom locked me out in the snow for hitting my sister with an empty milk jug. The hardcover book made a noise as I opened it. A musky smell hit my noise. Yuck. I began to read immediately. I related to the children getting away from the war. My family seemed to always be at war. I was always trying to get away from the constant fighting. I thought to myself, “I might just like this book.” Then I identified with Susan as she was trying to get her siblings ready for bed. I was always playing the mother role to my siblings. The book had me intrigued and I was only on the first page. So I slowly devoured the words on each page. I wanted it to …show more content…
I was Lucy at that moment. I felt the soft fur of the coats as I pushed through them. It was remarkably dark in the wardrobe. I could feel the temperature change dramatically. I was overwhelmed with anticipation. The wardrobe couldn’t possibly be this big, yet I seemed to keep walking. With my hands reached out to keep me from hitting the back of the wardrobe, I felt something rough and slightly pointy. I was quite confused but curious. I realized I was touching pine needles. How in the world is this possible? The ground turned soft and crunched below my feet as I walked. I felt soft moisture hit my face. It registered quickly that it was snow. Out of nowhere I could see a dim light. This cannot be happening. Then I saw a gentle creature, half man half goat. Time stopped for me. I savored this

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