Reflection Essay: Three Major Transformations That Changed My Life

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I have gone through many obstacles in my life that are hard but they end up teaching me just as many life lessons. In my opinion, lessons are important because they have transformed me into the person that I am today. I have many transformation stories, but there are three important transformations that changed my life. My main transformations were when my attitude started to change; I changed my looks to fit in; and I accepted Christ in my life.
When I finally made it to high school, my attitude started to change for the bad. I started hanging out with older people who were not great influences. They were not respectful and they treated other people as if they were not wanted. At first, I thought that they were rude but I did not want to
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All the popular girls in school would dress up every day and get a great deal of attention. In my head, I felt like the only reason people dressed up was to impress people. I just wanted to fit in with everyone, which lead me to dress up all the time. I am the kind of person who likes to dress lazy and be comfortable. When I started to dress up, people started to notice me more; I actually felt like I was fitting in. My attitude and the way I dressed changed me more than I would have imagined. I, once again, was becoming a completely different person. I am not saying that dressing up more changes a person, but when I started to dress up and get more attention for it, that is what changed me. This all affected me and turned me into the person I was trying to avoid to become. Eventually, I learned that getting attention will get me nowhere in life but being who I am will get me a lot further. Today, I still dress up every once in a while but I do it so I can look presentable for myself and teachers, not to impress others who’s opinion do not …show more content…
All of these transformations led me to accepting the Lord in my life. Also, my mom pushed me into loving the Lord and helped me understand he is the best father that I will ever have. I am honored to be able to call myself a Christian. Ever since I accepted Christ, I feel free to be myself in high school without being ashamed of myself. This is one of the best transformations in my life, and I am beyond excited that I have a life time to learn from Him. Christ was a big change in my life; which changed me into a better person. My attitude started having a positive ring to it, and I became a happy person. When I started to help at the church, I felt so good about myself and felt like I was finally truly loved by someone. I could tell that my friends loved me better this way. My presence made them feel happy again. The Lord has really moved through my life, and I am glad to admit this has been best transformation in my

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