Personal Narrative: A Life Changing Experience

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I was scared. It wasn’t my first time in a emergency room getting stitches but it was the first time that i saw all that blood. I was getting light headed with my grandma telling me not close my eyes. I thought she was exaggerating like she always does but I wasn’t taking my chances. It started as a pretty normal day. I woke up ate breakfast and started watching Tv, like all saturday afternoons. I being 7 years old I would always do dangerous stunt(as so me and my cousin called them) like putting our heaviest toys on the ceiling fan and hide under my reclining chair seeing who gets hit. My mom wasn't really found of what we did but she wasn't here and my babysitter was cleaning the house most of the time so we had a lot of freedom so we took advantage at the fullest. …show more content…
At 6:00pm I came back from playing with my friends on the apartment parking area and backyardish-thing with grass. My mom was in american so I could do whatever I felt like doing. I decided to spin around in circles for no reason why running around the house (yes I am smart) I ended up getting really dizzy, and almost puking. While walking to my room to lay down I fell backward and hit a doorknob. After hitting it I knew i was screwed because doorknobs and did not have a happy history which means everytime I hit one I was of to the emergency room. I didn't care because I was dizzy and all and layed down on my moms bed which was white (yes this is an important detail of the story). So when my Grandma walks in she screams then my babysitter walks in and screams to. I yell at them telling them to shut up because I had a headache. I got of the bed turned around and to my surprise the pillow that I was laying on was covered in blood. I touched the back of my head and I'm pretty sure I felt my skull (but it just have been part of my muscle) and like any sane person in the planet I screamed. So my grandma calls my dad he

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