Personal Narrative: The Events That Shaped My Life

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There are many events in my life that has shaped me and the way I am today; but there are two main events that have shaped me dramatically. First one when I six and one when I was in 8th grade, both two way different things but they both tie together and make me who I am and who I will always be.
It all starts when I was six years old and I just got done playing my soccer game at the Blue Valley Activity Center (BVAC). It was a warm summer day and our game was over and it was time to go home. My parents were building a house on 24 highway between Fort Osage High School and Buckner. They were going to check up on the house to see how it was coming along; of course me being a little kid i wanted to come along with them to see the house. So my grandma took my sister and they went out to eat while we looked at the house. When we finally got there I was excited and was ready to run around explore my new land.
When I first got out of the truck I sprinted around the outside of the house and then explored the interior. After a couple hours has past we were almost ready to go and saw that there was something wrong with the porch. While my parents were checking it out I got inpatient and so I found a way to
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My Uncle David has been battling a brain tumor of and on for 14 years and in October he had to go back to Duke University for check up and invited my dad and I to go with him. At first when my dad gave me this news i was a little hesitant on going because I didn't like Duke and didn't want to go across the country for a doctor check up but i said what the heck it would get me out of school for a week so I went with it when i first got there it was nighttime and we met up at the Raleigh, North Carolina Airport. Then we went to get a rental car, we ended up getting a little chevy that was bright yellow we called it the lemon drop. After we got the car we went to go to our hotel and spent the

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