Personal Narrative Essay: My Trip To The Wisconsin Dells

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“Daddy I think that’s our tire,” I screamed. As our tire was rolling down the side of the snow covered hill with smoke coming off of it. Two years ago our trip to the Wisconsin Dells over spring break started off like like most of our family vacations. My mom wanted to go somewhere for spring break and my dad didn’t want to pay a lot of money. So, they settled for the Wisconsin Dells. We always took my dad’s truck on road trips because it had lots of space and a movie player. This year going on the vacation it just was my mom, dad and sister, Sloane. My brother Chandler could’ve come since he was home, but since we had a cat he used that as an excuse not to come. After that we packed up and started the trip to the Dells.
Once we were on the
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He replied with, “No, we just passed a exit there won’t be another for an hour.”
“Fine.” My sister and I replied grumpily.
So we popped in another movie: Napoleon Dynamite. About halfway through we heard this “Plink Plink Plink” noise. My mom told my dad to pull over.
“I can’t it 's the middle of the interstate and we are going up a hill.” He said.
“Well, find somewhere”, My mom replied grumpily.
“Look, there is a town 6 miles up, I’ll pull over there.”
But not even a minute later we heard one last “Plink” noise and then a loud
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“No I’ll go I’m a cross country runner,” My sister replied.
“No you won’t, I’ll never forgive myself if something happened to you,” My dad replied.
Once there was a break in cars my dad got out of the car walked quickly to the back of the truck. And started taking pictures of the wheel to show the mechanics. After he took some pictures and he couldn’t see another car coming. He ran faster than we had ever seen him run across the 2 lane highway and disappeared down the hill.
It felt like forever waiting for my dad to come up that hill, but my mom kept us busy. She told us to pack everything up and try to make everything neat since we probably had to get a rental car. Once we saw my dad come up the side of the hill with the tire, we were all praying that he would make it across the highway safely. Once a huge semi went past us, he started across the highway rolling the tire as fast as he could.
Once he made it across he called the ford company again they said that the tow truck should be there any minute.
There was a tree that the wheel hit, we should be lucky that the tire hit the tree and not hit a car or your father would’ve been arrested for killing somebody.” He said to us while we were waiting for the tow truck to

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