Personal Narrative: Lions And Bears, Oh My !

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Makenzie Jensen
3rd hour/Barker
Personal Narrative
Lions and Tigers and Bears, Oh My!!!!
The birds are singing from the tops of the trees. Butterflies fluttering around me. The stream babbling in the distance. All I can see is green for miles. And beyond that are the mountain tops painted in snow. The chilly air blows my long, luscious golden hair out of my face. Shivering, I wrap the thick wool blanket I’m holding around me tightly. I am staring at what would be the most perfect picture. I am literally in paradise, and never want to go back home.
It’s a lovely Saturday morning in early November. We just arrived at this beautiful campsite for our annual camping trip with family friends from the neighborhood. I breathe in the mountain
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I hear bloody murder screams from all over! I drop to the ground, hoping the bears may not notice me. Tears flood my face like a waterfall. In between sobs I loudly gasp for air. I don’t know what to do! All of the sudden I hear laughing. Laughing? What’s so funny about facing your death? Skeptically, I turn my head and shine my bright light on the face of the bear, tears still rolling down my face, and freeze. The face of the monster is revealed. It isn’t a bear at all! It is... my DAD! Oh I am furious! He is with his friend, on the ground laughing their heads off. They had found a spot right next to the trail where young trees could hide them and easily allow them to jump out and terrify us all! I don’t know how to react, except cry even harder! How can he have done this to an eight year old?? While on the ground, still crying in terror of what just happened, I hear someone approach me. “Hey honey,” my dad whispers softly. “I’m sorry. I didn’t know you and Savanah were with the group. We were just trying to scare these older girls and have a little fun.” With bright pink puffy eyes I turn to him. “I--It’s ok-k-kay,” I can barely get any words out. Without saying anything else, my dad picks me up, and puts me on his shoulders. Yes, I am riding on the shoulders of the great bear that just moments ago I thought would be the cause of my ultimate destruction! As frightening as this experience was, this night has brought me many laughs and has earned a special place in my heart forever. But I learned an important lesson; Dad’s can be scarier than

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